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Best Hand Mixer, 2019

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How We Selected Check Mixers for Testing

We started our research by reading a whole lot of Amazon handhelds that targeted on those with the very best grades. From there, we went to the manufacturers' websites for hand-held mixers, which we have been enthusiastic about testing the options and accessories. . However we also needed to check higher-level fashions to find out if the additional options have been extra useful.

In accordance with our research, there have been reliable and real estimates of hand-mixers sent by different assessment websites corresponding to Wirecutter, Prepare dinner's Illustrated, Six and epicurious to study what standards have been used for testing and evaluating hand mixers

We also read several Reddit threads to find out how individuals use hand blenders and what’s essential to them when they’re contemplating shopping for a new product. Comparing consumer recommendations with other online product critiques, they have been poured via hand-held mixers, that are the newest fashions or are presently obtainable to choose seven handheld testers.

The seven greatest hand blenders

Who needs a hand blender?

The hand mixer is primarily used for small baking duties similar to mixing cake dough, butter and sugar cream or egg white and heavy cream. Many online comments recommend that the hand blender is the right gadget for decorating potato mashes into a really clean and smooth composition

Larger baking or cooking duties are higher completed with a stand mixer that permits you to carry out multiple features utterly manually. Nevertheless, the standing mixer could be very heavy and troublesome to retailer anyplace besides the worktop, and isn’t moveable. In contrast, the hand blender provides flexibility and can be utilized in virtually any measurement vary.

Hand blender in blender mixer

Diving blender or stapler is right for cleansing scorching or cold soups, recent fruit drinks or smoothies and mayonnaise or other sauces. Excessive-end fashions, akin to Breville – BSB510XL Control Grip and KitchenAid – KHB2351, are related to the Vatka. We examined their Whip attachments to seek out out if the dipping mixer might carry out the identical whip features as with a hand blender

In both case, whipped cream took considerably longer because any velocity that was lower was splashed across the cream in all places. We had extra success with egg white that did not splash at high velocity.

We had two issues with mashed potatoes: first, it took loads of effort to push the potatoes, and secondly, the dipping blade blade cleaned the potatoes thick and coarse.

So we determined that a hand blender is definitely a better gadget for these duties.

Essential Features to Think about



: All hand blenders embrace two blows which might be used for most baking duties. The newer and larger scale designs are skinny yarns that are not totally different from yarn feathers and differ in length from five to six inches in diameter by about two inches. The wire presses are open, versus thick folds having 4 metallic axes hooked up to the center point. Wire beaters are much easier to wash, and once you drive downwards as elements, additionally they scale back splashes

Whisk: Virtually all hand blenders have one wire sheath (Vremi not) that is used only for rusting cream and egg white. Thread diameter have to be a minimum of three inches so that it could possibly successfully air your sense of odor.

The one hand mixer we examined, together with two wire presses, is Breville – BHM800SIL . ] who’ve simply crossed all the unidirectional hand blenders. Breville fasteners are product of chrome steel and never chromium or chromed as other blenders

dough hooks : elongated curly dough hooks are used solely for blending and kneading yeast-based doughs . In the course of the check, the dough hooks have been capable of combine the components, but we found an actual problem to make a dough that spun round one hook or rode on the aspect of the bowl. All in all, we determined that the dough hooks are fairly useless for kneading, and you get better outcomes with the dough.


Untested hand mixers ranged from 150 watts (Vremi) to 290 watts (KitchenAid). Vremi stopped slightly with the bread dough but had sufficient energy for the other exams. Breville and Oster are both 240 watts, which is enough for any baking process.

Velocity ​​

We determined that velocity levels have been extra essential than precise energy, and more velocity ranges might not necessarily mean higher.

For example, KitchenAid – KHM926WH has nine speeds, however there’s little difference between each degree, so it's just three speeds, low, medium, and excessive. In contrast, Breville and Cuisinart – HM-90S have nine speeds, but there is a very clear distinction between them. As well as, Breville suggests a degree of velocity for a specific manufacturing unit, akin to gymnastics (4-6) and whip (7-9), which we discovered throughout our experimental trial

. at sluggish velocity, particularly for including flour or sugar to the dough or combine. Inexpensive, tested hand mixers did not have sufficient sluggish velocity, which led to spraying and splashing. Greater models – Breville, Cuisinart, and KitchenAid – have been very sluggish at lower velocity levels and have been greatest fitted to incorporating dry components.

All in all, we determined that the actual low, medium


A lot of the tested hand mixers weighed about two kilos (Vremi was the lightest in only one kilo), designed to be simply controllable in a mixing vessel. Vremi was the simplest to zoom in on the bowl, while Oster seemed a bit of clumsy.

Prime Decide: Breville – BHM800SIL

Breville BHM800SIL Breville's trendy design matches your hand comfortably, and the velocity changes are

$ 121.00 from Amazon

that the position of the facility / pause and velocity switches is necessary. When including components, you need to change speeds or interrupt the mixer every time to ensure cautious mixing.

Palms down, Breville is the simplest to regulate with its unique scroll wheel that allows you to change speeds together with your thumb. Cuisinart and KitchenAid also have easy-to-reach velocity controls, however we discovered the situation of their power buttons somewhat tough. Other fashions have levers for velocity management and proved to be inflexible and inaccurate

How we tested

Our exams consisted of the most typical guide mixer baking tasks:

  • Whipping the egg whites right into a fluffy bee
  • Combining dry components in moist elements with out splashes
  • sugar cream evenly.
  • Mixing the cake dough.

We selected this recipe for a sponge cake check for rusting, combining and mixing and this primary meals for baking and kneading bread.

Our exams for whipping egg whites and cream also included a timing of how lengthy the hand-held whiskey attachment fastened them to rigid peaks.

Comparison of Options

] Many people comment online that they use a hand blender to whip potato mashes. For every hand mixer being tested, we boiled two kilos of russet potatoes till they have been mild, combined, and added two tablespoons of butter and half a cup of heated milk. Using the beater attachment, we timed how long the mixing of the potatoes into the graceful and gentle composition took.

An equally necessary issue in the testing of hand mixers was their ergonomic design. We needed a hand mixer that may match simply and comfortably in the hand and was mild sufficient to move effortlessly in the mixing vessel.

We also tested how straightforward or troublesome it was to vary the velocity, energy on and off, cease and delete knowledge together with your thumb.

Prime: Breville – BHM800SIL

Cautious design and excellent design made Breville – BHM800SIL a nine-speed hand blender from above. Breville is the costliest handheld tester, but in case you're critical about baking, Breville is a profitable investment.

Breville has a number of distinctive options that set it aside. Physically it’s designed to fit ergonomically in your hand. Its deal with rests comfortably within the palm of the hand, and although it’s barely heavier than other models, it slides around the mixing vessel virtually alone. Merely control the mixer you need to go to. An uncommon function is the set off ring on your index finger. It’s truly an outlet mechanism, nevertheless it also increases the agility of the mixer in your hand

As mentioned above, the scroll wheel for velocity management is remarkably straightforward to increase or lower velocity. Above the wheel is an LED panel with a velocity indicator and a timer that starts timing when the mixer is switched on and stops timing when the pause button is pressed.

The Breville energy twine has a plug with a finger gap that permits for removing from the outlet, and most effectively, the underside of the wire in the mixer physique, so it can be utilized by each proper and left handed. As if these design parts were not sufficient, Breville has a light-weight that lies between the holes that shine within the mixing container every time you begin.

Prime Decide: Breville – BHM800SIL

Wonderful design and a number of bonus features, reminiscent of mixer mild and scroll wheel velocity management, make this an awesome hand blender for a daily baker. This mixer is at a better worth, however it gives wonderful efficiency and ergonomics, including a swivel twine and a set off ring that improves maneuverability within the bowl.

$ 121.00 from Amazon

Brevy's chrome steel equipment embrace two silicone-coated folders that are not clogged in our mixing containers, and in addition nearly removed uncooked materials, two dough hooks and two wire removers. No other hand blender incorporates two whips, and Breville doubles the quantity of egg white to fluffy heights per minute.

A very necessary method is that the mixer routinely adjusts the velocity vary relying on which attachments you’re feeding. For instance, dough hooks require less velocity than stomachs or folds. So once you put the dough hooks, the low velocity of the mixer is decreased, so they’re low enough in order that the flour does not splash when added.

Breville's performance matched its design in a superb method. The one grievance – and that's the identical for all the examined mixers – is the dough hooks doing a great job of mixing the components into the blended dough, but kneading gave us hassle. Even at a low velocity, we had to battle the dough by climbing the edges of the bowl.

Breville's hefty price tag might forestall informal bakers or cooks, but we consider that is an exceptional hand blender for someone who actually enjoys baking. Breville wipes out each sort of baking process with little effort and may inspire you to bake greater than a yr of birthday cake or Christmas cookies.

Main Back Journeys:

  • The Breville – The BHM800SIL's clever and ergonomic design allows a cushty slot in your hand.
  • Its engine mechanically adjusts velocity ranges in response to added accessories.
  • Special options embrace LED timer and velocity indicator, quiet and quiet engine. the light of the mixer that lights as much as combine.
  • Brevy's distinctive turning cable for proper and left-hand drive also increases maneuverability in the mixing vessel.

Second Place: Cuisinart – HM-90S

Cuisinart – HM-90S is a few third cheaper than Breville, and although it doesn’t fairly match Breve's wonderful efficiency, it’s, nevertheless, a very good worth for a guide mixer [19659004] It has nine speeds, each of which grows significantly at small intervals, giving us real control. The three sluggish speeds are indeed very sluggish and have been wonderful for incorporating flour and sugar without splashing. We didn't find a huge distinction between the typical speeds and set the velocity at 5 to be extra efficient, particularly for splashing the potatoes.

In the Cuisinart guide it’s useful to recommend the speeds and attachments of certain meals that we tested. The proposals proved to be principally accurate, though we discovered that growing the proposed velocity on one degree gave us quicker outcomes

Second place: Cuisinart – HM-90S

Nine totally different speeds, chrome steel fasteners and wonderful guide operation are the hallmarks of this well-made hand blender. You possibly can rely on Cuisinart being longer and wider.

$ 59.99 from Amazon

The mixer matches comfortably in your hand, and while the facility button may be a bit too excessive for some individuals's thumbs, the velocity management buttons are at the thumb degree. The agitator velocity routinely returns to degree 1 every time it’s turned off and the voltage is low before it adapts to the precise velocity degree. Once we received used to it, it wasn't a problem; We simply waited for an additional or two before counting the counters within the bowl.

The mechanizability is superb because of the light weight of the mixer and the rotating chassis of the electrical cable, so you possibly can move around the mixing vessel with out getting in.

Cuisinart has peculiar accessories (together with a high-quality small bowl scraper), but the photographs are longer and wider than the other tested ones. mixers that gave us a full mixing bowl coated with cake dough mixing. Like most blenders, the snap-on storage compartment of the accessory is a welcome addition

Cuisinart worked nicely in all checks, and as in Breville, dough hooks effectively mixed dough components, but had hassle holding the dough within the bowl during kneading, even on the slowest velocity.

Cuisinart continues to be a bit costly for a hand blender, nevertheless it's properly carried out and will certainly last. It has a three-year guarantee, which is critical for the kitchen machine (most are one yr), and all the spare elements are simply out there and never expensive. In the event you don't need to shut massive bucks for Breville, we advocate Cuisinart HM-90S as the second-place winner.

Key sets:

  • The Cuisinart – HM-90S is a compact however powerful, high-speed thick dough and egg white and cream pickup in less than two minutes
  • Its chrome steel fasteners are strong and straightforward to wash.
  • Cuisinart's three-year
  • It's just a little costly, nevertheless it's durable and designed to final for years

Price range: Oster-2500

<img fashion="–aspect-ratio:1.498127340824;" class="alignnone wp-image-17152 size-full lazyload" src="" data-alt="

<img fashion="–aspect-ratio:1.498127340824;" class="alignnone wp-image-17152 size-full lazyload" src="" data-alt="

] <img fashion="–aspect-ratio:1.498127340824;" class="alignnone wp-image-17152 size-full lazyload" src="" data-alt="] A lot of the handheld testers that have been examined have been between $ 15 and $ 20, and the most effective of them was undoubtedly Oster – 2500. At 240 W, Oster is definitely a bit more powerful than the second ranked, Cuisinart HM -90S. It has five speeds, every clearly distinct, in contrast to most nine-speed fashions.

Price range Selection: Oster – 2500

This sturdy hand blender has a fraction of the fact that it may possibly whip delicate egg whites and silky clean potatoes that do not match the models. Our testers appreciated its distinctive five speeds, which proved to be effective in doing the job.

$ 22,78 From the Amazon

The Oster is just a little greater and heavier than the other hand mixers being tested, and reminds us of a mixer that our mother (and even grandmother) can use. The bottles are manufactured from chromium and are thicker, reminiscent of old style designs which might be meant to strengthen the butter and mix the thick cookie or bread dough. The fighters have been slightly more durable to wash, however they gave us a very good quantity of egg white per minute and a clean mixture of pizza dough.

The slowest velocity of its competition didn’t spill into dry components and the fastest

The Oster is a bit heavy in hand, so it will not be ideally suited for individuals with hand or wrist weak spot.

Nevertheless, these cops don't wish to advocate this mixer at a superb worth at a superb worth.


  • Oster-2500 is more highly effective than other comparable mixers that we examined.
  • Its giant impactors gave a superb amount of egg whites and whipped cream
  • . Every of Oster's 5 speeds stands out from the smallest to the very best

Different Check Mixers

KitchenAid – KHM926WH

KitchenAid – KHM926WH is one other 9-speed hand blender and shares a number of features with Breville. It matches nicely in your hand and can also be designed for ease of use and control.

KitchenAid is numerous fascinating. Its giant yarn jacket is efficient and added a superb quantity of egg whites and whipped cream. We additionally discovered it helpful that the body is marked with symbols to add attachments. Unusual type, KitchenAid's eject button is just not marked.

Nevertheless, as was observed with different mixers, its 9 price ranges haven’t been separated much from the substance because each fee improve is minimal. Its lowest ranges have been smaller than different mixers, and its highest levels have been too excessive, splashing anything we tried to combine.

KitchenAid – KHM926WH is comparable in worth to Cuisinart, which was discovered to be superior in our testing

Hamilton Seashore – 62650A

The Hamilton Seashore – 62650A has most of the similar options as different handheld testers to be tested: beaters and whisk connectors, snap-in case and good energy (250 watts). It has six speeds that don’t differ considerably between speeds three and 4, however the lowest velocity and most velocity are too excessive to incorporate dry matter or any mixing without splatter.

Its lever for altering the velocity is hard, so you actually have to elongate your thumb with a high mixer to realize larger velocity levels. It doesn’t have a separate eject button, however is eliminated by urgent a velocity lever that can grip. Hamilton Seashore – 62650A is certainly reasonably priced, and we favored its distinctive bowl at the backside of the mixer, however because of the low worth we advocate Oster-2500.

Vremi – VRM010008N

We actually needed to love Vremi – VRM010008N. To start with, it's fantastic. Vremi is a small candy-apple pink hand blender with 150 watts. It’s compact, matches into a drawer and designed in order that its folds (Vrem's solely equipment) fit instantly into the mixer base. Vremi could be very lightweight and may turn out to be entangled across the mixing vessel without any problem.

Sadly, its small power makes this small mixer. Vrem has some shortcomings in other examined mixers. Its velocity key’s arduous to move whenever you combine one thing, and low velocity scatter dry components in all places. Vremi even struggled together with his largest velocity of egg protein and whipped cream.

Vremi is an reasonably priced various to a small kitchen. However its low energy will increase effort and time by doing primary processing.

Black + Decker – MX3200B

Black + Decker – The MX3200B has little distinction in velocity. Although it has six velocity settings, in actuality it is a three-speed mixer – the 2 lowest, media and peak are virtually the same.

Black + Decker did a pleasant job of whipping egg whites, and it made the potatoes clean. Nevertheless, we found plenty of splashes, even at the lowest velocity. Unusually enough, the mixer can't easily rise up, so we had to stability it within the mixing bowl. Black + Decker was by far probably the most examined mixers.

It has a plastic container for all the mixer that was not present in some other mixer we examined, and it was reasonably priced. However since Black + Decker's lowest velocity is just not low sufficient to stop splashes of dry elements, we consider you should purchase your price range, Oster-2500. sturdy and performs all the required duties for baking fluffy muffins and breads and lighter than air.

We gave our topics a decent job and belief that Breville – BHM800SIL is undoubtedly one of the best mixer. Clever design options – such because the scroll wheel velocity changer, blender mild, silicone coated fenders, additional yarn feathers – are worthwhile for Brevy prices.

Prime Decide: Breville – BHM800SIL

Nice design, bonus options and clever ergonomics to comfortably and easily control Breville – BHM800SIL's greatest place

$ 121.00 from Amazon

If you need a high quality mixer that's not so costly, we advocate another place, Cuisinart – HM -90S. It's additionally an awesome performer and you may't actually win Cuisinart's three-year warranty.

Oster-2500 is less than $ 20, and it's a strong mixer with 5 distinctly totally different speeds.

Bryan is our cooking and kitchen professional with over 15 years of expertise in cooking and testing kitchen merchandise. Outdoors the kitchen, she enjoys wood processing, images, video and how one can stay a more environmentally pleasant way of life. She enjoys a radical search to seek out out whether or not it is elements or units, and discover merchandise that may stand up to every day use.