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Best Puzzle Games 2019 [The ULTIMATE Game List]

Best Puzzle Games

When an issue is raised, we naturally need to find a answer. Puzzle games supply us the chance to have fun whereas exercising our brain and enhancing drawback solving expertise.

There are, then again, tried and examined titles similar to Tetris and Sweet Crush, but in addition new experimental video games akin to Mini Metro and Opus Magnum. . With so many various games to select from, determine what gaming could be a puzzle. So we now have determined to spotlight a few of the greatest puzzle games. Ensure you verify again once we update this record sooner or later.


  Best Puzzle Games

What began with the thought of ​​an interactive graphical novel was lastly the puzzle recreation developed by Gorogoa, Jason Roberts. There are players in the recreation that join up to 4 footage with a 2 × 2 grid, by finding links between them to advertise them.

Players can manipulate every picture, corresponding to zoom in or out, and discover fascinating clues that can be used to find a answer for each scene. The game is described in an attractive, hand-drawn art fashion and makes use of its puzzles to inform the story of the boy's fascination with the divine being.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was initially released on Wii U, but since then it has been moved to Change and 3DS. Newer variations embrace some quality-of-life enhancements and additional content material. In the recreation you play Captain Toad, a small explorer who can't leap and is straightforward to start out.

Treasure Tracker has an fascinating strategy to incorporating verticality into degree puzzle models. not often displayed in 3D platform hotspots. Whereas straightforward walking can simply be achieved, a rescuer has to strategize and put his puzzle into the check to seek out all of the gadgets within the recreation.

Sushi Striker: The Approach of Sushido

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Sushi Striker is an motion recreation developed and revealed by Nintendo in collaboration with indieszer. You play as Musash, a boy who’s making an attempt to cease the worldwide ban on anybody who’s eating sushi.

There are battles within the recreation the place you and your opponent meet and attempt to gather as many comparable sushi plates as the shifting conveyor belt. You’ll be able to deal with the injury of your opponents by eating the sushi that you’ve gathered and you may equip your partners that trigger special results

Bomb Hen

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Bomb Hen is a platform recreation for indie 2D that allows you to Control the hen with the facility to deliver a number of bombs. You need to use this capacity to unravel many puzzles within the recreation and defeat your enemies as you attempt to escape the cooking plant run by the evil fast meals firm.

When laying eggs, gamers have the chance to stack a number of bombs on prime of one another, permitting the hen to succeed in new areas and create larger explosions. Moreover, pushing the bomb before it explodes will send it on this course, allowing you to activate switches or defeat enemies from afar.


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Vignettes is a singular puzzle title from the developer Skeleton Enterprise, which does not include any text, characters or dialogue. It deals with numerous objects, rotating and taking a look at them from totally different views till they start to rework the transition into a totally totally different object

Once you move between objects, the vary of colors and background music evolve, so the entire expertise seems like a steady journey. The game presents a more casual puzzle expertise that does not require too much considering, so it matches for these lengthy days once you just have to unpack.

Battle Chef Brigade

  Android Puzzle Games <img class = "size-full wp-image-19787 aligncenter lazyload" alt = "Android Puzzle Games [19659031] Battle Chef Brigade combines the activities of side-scrolling brawlers with tile-compatible An exciting and addictive experience to create a puzzle game strategy. In a game published in the Adult Swim magazine, you can explore outdoor areas and kill exotic creatures that can be used as ingredients in battles where you and the other chef go to the end. which is sure to be wow for judges. The Battle Chef Brigade has talented audio actors and light comedy stuff.


  Best Puzzle Games for Android   Best Puzzle Games for Android

A creature called Gomez, who, after getting the magic Fez hat, can also translate three-dimensional cycling of your globe in different dimensions. This new power has been given to Gomez to collect cubes and cube fragments to restore order to the universe.

The game's rotation mechanics are not only satisfactory to perform, but also result in some unique level designs and interesting puzzles. As an added bonus, Fez does not have enemies, bosses, or punishment for failure when a player is rescued quickly after death.

Garden between

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The Gardens Between is a puzzle game developed by The Voxel Agents that has time to manipulate time through 20 stages. The game is unique in that you do not control the main characters directly, but move the time backwards and forwards as they use their talents in parallel to move past obstacles.

Although the game is rather short, revealing the levels reveals more protagonists, two teenagers called Arina and Frendt.

Tetris Effect

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This list should not be complete without at least one Tetris entry. Although we have seen a large number of iterations in the formula over the years, no one has ever managed to achieve what Tetris Effect has, especially in its VR version.

The game utilizes a variety of visual and audible signals that correspond to the movement and placement of your tetromino. When you look for challenges, backgrounds and music begin to evolve and take on new shapes and sounds, transporting you to new worlds waiting to be filled with tetromino.

Lumines Remastered

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Lumines is a long-lasting puzzle series developed by Q Entertainment and rebuilt for current gen consoles. Lumines Remastered is an HD remake of the original Lumines, which debuted on PSP already in 2004 and has the same Tetris-inspired series of games known.

In the game, players drop 2 × 2 blocks, ranging from two colors to the playing field, while the timeline runs across the field from left to right. The goal is to create 2 × 2 blocks of the same color that disappear when the timeline passes, giving the player points and adding their total value

Puyo Puyo Tetris

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Puyo Puyo Tetris is Sonic Team Developed by Sega and published by Sega, the crossover title, which seems to combine the best parts of both popular game series into one game. In the five main modes of the game, all of which can be played by up to four players online, locally or against the AI, players vary between two game styles: Puyo and Tetris.

The game also features a one-player adventure campaign that has fought against AI-controlled opponents and solved individual challenges. Finally, Puyo Puyo Tetris enables you to create & # 39; Free Play & # 39; matches with custom rules and challenge other players with online matches

Baba Is You

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Baba Are you a strange top-down puzzle game where the rules you must follow to meet the challenge are presented as physical objects in the game world. When you control Baba, a small white creature, you can walk up on objects that determine the behavior of the environment.

For example, you may encounter a solid wall that needs to be moved to collect a ticket, and the words & # 39; Wall Is Stop is located nearby. Removing the word 'Stop' from the chain of objects will result in Baba being able to travel and collect the ticket. It is an interesting mechanic who encourages experimentation and can lead to some surprising results

Papers, Please

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Papers, Please is an indie puzzle game where you work as an immigrant inspector in Arstotzka a border, a fictitious nation with great political tensions with its neighbors. It is up to you to look at the documents of the applicants, taking into account possible conflicts to prevent or allow terrorists and other unwanted entries. secret spies. Papers, Be the end of over 20 different manuscripts and do an excellent job of presenting the player with tough, moral decisions.


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Inside there is a 2.5D puzzle platformer from the developer Playdead, creators of Limbo. Here you can control an unnamed boy and solve puzzles abnormally in a quiet and hostile world full of zombie-like people and bad dogs.

there is a cube-shaped device that can be pushed or pulled by the player to activate the grounded switches and also has the ability to temporarily start the player into the air, allowing you to reach new areas. Just like Limbo, the story of the game has never really been explained, and to some extent there is a puzzle in itself.


  Best Puzzle Game   Best Puzzle Game

Perspective is a unique puzzle platformer for a group of students at the University of DigiPen. The game has a manageable little blue avatar through the 2D level, which can be changed by turning the player-controlled camera in 3D mode.

Moving the camera's viewpoint allows the player to combine 3D front-end platforms with those that are 2D-level, creating new paths that the character can use to progress through the level.

Portal 2

  Best Android Puzzle Games 2019   Best Android Puzzle Games 2019

This would not be a great list if we didn't include the Portal 2 icon, an older first person puzzle game that is still fun to play in 2019. The game can be played with one or two players.

In order to progress through the game, you need to use a reliable portal, a device that allows you to place portals on surfaces that can install you in new areas. We have listed the sequel because of the first game simply because it is based on the original, introducing new mechanics and telling a better story that is full of plenty of dark humor.

The Return of Obra Dinn

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Papers developer comes with a return of Obra Din, a stand-out title with its bold, 1-bit monochromatic art style and the ability to take you A pleasant, atmospheric puzzle adventure. You play as an insurance regulator whose task is to determine how the crew of a mysterious ship was killed.

To accomplish this task, you are given a "Memento Mortem" pocket clock that repeats moments earlier than the dying of the character. The game presents a number of tutorials and hand-holding, and encourages you to pay attention to yourself by paying special consideration to the ideas you encounter alongside the best way.


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Witness is a 3D puzzle recreation inspired by 90's puzzle-adventure games like Myst. The sport has no control over the nameless character, exploring the mysterious island divided into eleven areas, and fixing complicated puzzles.

The participant's objective is to continue to unravel the puzzles, open up new areas and eventually make the island's mountain prime. Nevertheless, this isn’t straightforward as witnesses with increasingly troublesome puzzles that put the player's talents to the check

Turing Check

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The Turing Check is a first-person puzzle recreation launched by Square Enix. In it, you play Avana, a world area engineer who works at a Europa research station that has simply discovered that her crew members are in peril and may only be rescued after she has accomplished a collection of exams.

Gameplay is a particular device that can be used to open doorways and launch machines, and subsequent updates that will help you manage safety cameras and robotic drones. Turing Check's visible and puzzle design appears to resemble a collection of portals and its story takes exciting twists to the finals of the game.

ibb & obb

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ibb & obb is an indie puzzle platformer that has gamers collectively to defeat enemies and full ranges. There, one participant controls a green creature referred to as ibb, while one other player controls a pink creature referred to as obb.

Together they go through a colourful world divided horizontally by a skinny line, and each side have inverted objects and enemies and gravity is turned. The game invests heavily in collaboration and consists of a few of the greatest multiplayer games we've ever seen.

Bejeweled Stars

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Though veteran players may be already acquainted with Bejeweled games, the newest iteration of Popcap video games, Bejeweled Stars takes a more relaxed strategy to tile matching recreation recognized by the collection. As an alternative of getting gems just like earlier games, they’re given smaller bite-sized ranges that score on the performance of the game

Stars looks like Candy Crush Saga, who succeeded in fixing plenty of random jigsaw followers and has still a loyal player recreation. The celebs additionally introduce charming characters who act as a motivational storyline for the game, together with Felis StarCat and Corvus StormCrow, who want you to collect stars for them to return house within the sky.

Art Of Stability

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Artwork of Stability is a physics-based puzzle recreation developed and revealed by Shin & en Multimedia. For those who personal one of the last three generations of Nintendo consoles, you've in all probability come throughout one version of the sport that has been up to date as quickly as 2018 and the version that releases Nintendo Change.

Within the recreation, players try to stack a wide variety of styles and sizes to keep the blocks from falling. Although the newest Art of Stability versions are more lovely and more peaceable, the game has all the time been on the similar enjoyable coronary heart.

Armadillo Run

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Armadillo Run is a physics based mostly puzzle recreation created by Peter Inventory and impressed by titles like Bridge Builder. Here, players attempt to get the basketball to the blue objective by creating buildings made of different supplies that look and behave like Rube Goldberg machines. totally different supplies or what number of gadgets can be used in a specific state of affairs. In addition, Armadillo Run takes a extra practical strategy to incorporating the physics of each material. For instance, fabric-made buildings have a separate weight for them and have an effect on the movement of the ball from a special weight than the metallic.