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California Fire Map: Follow Fires Near Me Instantly [Aug 13]

California Fire Map: Follow Fires Near Me Instantly [Aug 13]


Fires are nonetheless a problem in California as scorching, dry weather continues in the area. Here’s a take a look at the newest forest fires that shall be announced on August 13, 2019, together with deer hearth, church hearth and more. This article first consists of interactive maps of California as an entire, together with Cal Fire and other sources. The second part then describes the world's specific fires in alphabetical order. Keep in mind that the small print of a fireplace can change shortly, so keep tuned to native news sources if there is a hearth in your area.

California Fire Interactive Maps

There are two interactive maps that comply with. get the most effective updates on California this summer time fires. In lots of instances, fires do not all the time overlap, so it’s a good idea to examine all maps for the newest info.

The previously useful map is an interactive map offered by CAL FIRE and Google. Unfortunately, this map hasn't been up to date for some time, and as of August 13, it hasn't been updated but, which is uncommon. So we not embed the map into the story. You’ll be able to view the map here.

One other good interactive map is the Inciweb map. You’ll be able to see the entire map right here. There’s an embedded Google Map that features the Inciweb fires that you simply see under. Relying on your browser, you could have to zoom in on the map or change the Legend degree tab settings to show solely Inciweb fires:

Another nice map might be found here on Under is a screenshot as a result of the map can't be embedded, but you need to transfer to the complete map for extra info. You possibly can enter your handle to see how close the fires are to your location.

Every of those maps typically incorporates details that the others are lacking, so you want to take a look at all three for a full update. fires. Nevertheless, model new fires will not be listed on any of the maps above until they have been out for a couple of hours.

Next, extra detailed info on the fires on August 13, 2019.. In case you are on the lookout for a specific hearth, search for the identify to seek out it quicker, or simply scroll right down to see the alphabetically listed fires.

Listing of lively fires in California August 13, 2019

Listed here are the lively fires and updates from them. Most of those are in alphabetical order.

Bowler Fire

This hearth was first found on July 24th. The hearth was 100% on August 1st and August 12th, though it is still lively on the Inciweb map. It grew to 40 hectares.

Dixon Fire

This hearth is 9 acres in measurement because the last replace since August 4, and was brought on by lightning. Inciweb stated it was east of Silver Peak in Carson Iceberg Wilderness. Inciweb identified: “Humboldt-Toiyabe Nationwide Forest hearth chiefs are utilizing hearth brought on by lightning to satisfy quite a lot of natural resource targets within the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness. Dixon Fire, situated east of Silver Peak north of Dixon Creek, was discovered July 28 by aerial improvement following storms throughout the world. “

Fish Fire

is listed on the Inciweb map as an lively hearth, it was within the Sierra Nationwide Forest and was discovered on the afternoon of July 15, near the Fish Creek campground. No buildings have been threatened.

June Flashes 2019 (Bald Fire and Lost Fire)


Two fires brought on by lightning have been found within the Sequoia National Forest in Kernville, California, Inciweb wrote. These are Bald Fire and Lost Fire. Collectively, they’ve returned about 122 hectares from 16 July. The good news is that as of July 23, both fires are 100 % on 122 acres. % contained as of August 13.

In accordance with, it was in the Los Padres National Forest, west of Fort Hunter Liggett.

The cause is being investigated.

Lower hearth

This hearth was introduced on August 12th. As of August 13, it was 46 acres and 90 % inside. The hearth is on Fuel Point Street and Decrease Fuel Point Street in Igo, Shasta County.

Moose Fire

This is likely one of the most worrying items in the mean time because it brought on evacuations despite its smaller measurement. The hearth is 225 hectares and 25 % there from August 13th. It's in Mendocino County, next to Moose Street and Bus McGall Street, northwest of Hopland. Based on

CA. gov: “The deer hearth is presently returning southeast of Moose Street referred to as McNab Ranch, north of Hopland. The hearth burns with brush and grass within the oak forest on steep terrain. Buildings are beneath menace. The event has about 300 firefighters with further employees and gear who arrive all night time. "

The following evacuation orders have been issued based on 194019653535McNab Ranch Space

  • Valley View Street
  • Bus McGall Street
  • Moose Street
  • The Mendocino Sheriff's Office said:

    #MOF deer burning laws have been lowered to an evacuation warning. Moose Rd, Bus McGall Rd, Valley View Rd, Feliz Creek Drive and the north end of Feliz Creek Rd are all still underneath evacuation warning.

    – Mendocino Sheriff (@MendoSheriff) Aug 13, 2019

    Evacuation. warnings got to:

    • McNab Ranch Area
    • North end of Feliz Creek Street
    • Feliz Creek Drive

    Bus Mcgall Street was closed to Valley View Street.

    Ten buildings are threatened.

    Palermo Fire

    This hearth is within the LAFD space (Los Angeles County) and is a seven acre brush burn that started on August 13 at about four:15 p.m.

    Some assets are being released from # PalermoFire in Palisades, which covers an area of ​​7 hectares. The smoke from Topanga Canyon is spreading visibly, which is often a very good signal.

    – TCEP (@ TCEP90290) Aug 13, 2019

    Smoke is beginning to unfold from this hearth.

    Basic Fire Position Above

    Sherman Presched Burn

    This can be a designated hearth on the Inciweb web site to assist forestall forest fires from escaping management.

    SHF Lightning 2019

    12. as of August, 31 lightning strikes had started. storms eight.-10.8. Here’s a take a look at the current state of these fires: ] eight/eight/2019 7:11 PM, MONTGOMERY, Montgomery Ridge close to Hwy three 0.1 acre, included
    eight/10/2017 7:21 AM, TANGLE, Tangle Blue Creek and Hwy 3, zero.1 acre, Out
    .2019 12:51, ROCK, Stoney Point Trinity Lake, 0.1 Hectares, Controlled

    12/eight/2017 1:22 PM, Sunflower, Near Sunflower Creek, 0.5 Hectares, Employees
    08/08/12/2019 three:00 pm, SHERER, Sherer Ridge, zero.71 acre, employees
    08/8/2019 3:00 pm, BARNUM, near Huge French Creek, 1.7 acres, Staffed
    12/8/2019 4:00 PM, PANSY, close to Swift Creek, four.2 acres, employees
    8/eight/2019 four:00 PM, BUSHY, Granite Peak Rd, .75 acres, employees

    [19659041] 10/10/2019 9:15 AM , MONEY, North Lakehead, 0.1 Hectares, Out
    08/10/2018 11:21 AM, DOOLES, N Salt Creek Mtn, zero.1 acre, managed
    08/10/2019 10:41 AM, SPRING, throughout canyon from Prospect Creek, 0.1 acres, Out
    08/10/2018 11:24 AM, Salt, N of Salt Creek Mtn, zero.1 Acre, Controlled
    08/10/2019 7:00 PM, CHARLIE, North Lakeshore East, zero.1 Hectares, Out
    08/10/19. 2019 09:57, PROSPECT, W Shoeinhorse Mtn, zero.1 acre, Out
    08/10/2019 07:14, BRUSHY, Near Brushy Canyonia, 0.25 acres, Out
    08/10/2017 9:57 AM , HAPPY, Pleased Searching Grounds, zero.1 Acre, Out
    08.10.2019 17:58, HUNTING, W Iron Iron Canyon Reservoir, zero.1 Hectares, Out
    08/11/2019:12:45, HOOVER, Squaw Arm Shasta Lake, zero.5 acres, managed

    11/eight/2019 10:44 AM, MUDDY, East of Garden Ridge, 3.5 acres, Employees


    2019 11:28 AM, ZOT, Near Hazel Creek Rd, 0.1 acres, Patrol
    eight/10/2019 1:15 PM, TOAD, E / Toad Mtn, zero.1 acres, Patrol
    08.10.2019 16:41, CINDER, E of Hotlum close to Cinder Cone, 0.1 acres, Patrol
    10.10.2019 16:16, BEAR, N of Gumboot Lake, 0.1 hectares, patrol
    10/10/2015 7:25 p.m., FISCHER, across from Sims Flat, zero.1 acres, patrol
    8/10/2019 12:13 PM, SISSON, Rock peak at Mt Eddy, 0.1 acre, patrol
    .2019 16:17, WHITE, N of Bear Ridge, S, zero.1 acre patio, patrol
    08/10/2017 3:53 p.m., French, W Sugarloaf 0.1 acre, patio
    08/10/2019 20: 01, PICAYUNE, Porcupine Lake, W, zero.1 acre, patrol
    08/12/2016 four:54 p.m., GAZELLE, close to Dewey Mine, zero.1 acre, Out

    Springs Fire


    This the hearth is now 888 acres and 13 % contained the newest replace, in line with Inciweb on August 12. It increased from 200 hectares in just some days. It was brought on by lightning. It’s situated 13 miles southeast of Lee Vining. The map above is August 10, the newest Inciweb map.

    Here is a map of the hearth closures:


    On August 12, Inciweb wrote partially: “The Inyo National Forest Sort 3 Occasion Administration Organization is main the Springs Fire occasion. Fire administration has established strategic and tactical decision-making with historical and scientific information to manage a number of goals, together with safety, suppression, and useful resource circumstances. Firefighters continued their upkeep and cleaning work all through the day. Crews assigned to the night time shift continued tactical firing operations, whose complete hearth elevated to 268 hectares in current days. This additional supplies depth to the information line, which ensures a stabilized anchorage. The smallest progress occurred on Sunday because of the Easter wind throughout the day. Early within the morning, mild smoke / haze is more likely to spread westward to the Huge Sand Flat and probably as far south as Bishop / Owens Valley. The afternoon winds spread over the Benton / Hammil valley. "

    Timm Fire

    Ca.govTimm Fire

    This hearth was first reported on August 13th. It is 25 hectares and zero % situated in the Province of Solano. Timm Street and Allendale Street, south of Winters. The trigger is being investigated.

    Ward Fire

    This hearth is in Oregon, however close to the California border. It presently stands at 1,311 hectares and 34 % as of August 13. The trigger is being investigated. The hearth began on Aug. 9 and is near Highway 66 and Ward Street, about 13 miles west of Keno, Oregon. It's also 18 miles southwest of Klamath Falls.

    Drier climate as we speak might assist some areas return.

    You possibly can comply with the updates on the hearth Fb web page.

    West Fire

    . The hearth was reported on August 13. It's in Los Angeles County, next to West Road 120 and Coppermill Street, in Lancaster.

    The hearth is 90 acres and 30 % fires. The trigger is being investigated.

    Stay up to date with native information on the newest evacuation updates if there are fires in your space as hearth news can change shortly.

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