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Dyson V11 Torque, REVIEW * Is it worth the price?

Dyson v11 Torque Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

William | June 14, 2019

Unbiased Detailed Assessment of the New Dyson V11 Torque Motor Vacuum Cleaner

Product Description

Dyson V11 Torque Engine Designed for Full, Multifunctional Vacuum Cleaner that Can Serve  Dyson V11 Torque Cordless vacuum   Dyson V11 Torque Cordless Vacuum in some instances. Vital enhancements: Stronger suction, improved multilayer cleansing, LCD display and better price ticket


Dyson Ltd is listed as a British know-how firm. It was founded in the UK by Sir James Dyson in 1991 to design and manufacture household appliances that embrace vacuum cleaners, air cleaners, hand dryers, winged followers, heater, hair dryers and lights. Dyson has over 12,000 staff worldwide. In January 2019, Dyson introduced that it will relocate its headquarters to Singapore to facilitate the manufacture of electric automobiles.

Dyson has turn out to be synonymous with the phrase "Innovation" in the house appliance business. Dyson's pioneer in vacuumless vacuum cleaner know-how and their wires are recognized for many glad clients. Later they have drawn their consideration to wireless bar vacuum cleaner know-how and actually change the method the world cleans their houses


  • LED display: intelligently reporting in real time Current efficiency, energy Standing, remaining operating time, clear filter indicator and jam stories
  • Dynamic Load Detector (DLS): Torque cleaning head intelligently detects flooring differences between carpet and exhausting flooring surfaces and routinely adjusts engine velocity to realize optimum efficiency
  • 40% more suction than Dyson V8
  • Very giant dust cap with Eight dry items
  • As much as 60 minutes fade-free operating time in ECO mode
  • Converts to handheld vacuum: Simply clear couch, stairs and automotive
  • Straightforward empty filth cup: Target and dump detachable hair and particles
  • HEPA degree full Machine filtering: Removes 99.97% of hazardous particles from 0.3 microns
  • Low profile: Straightforward to wash with furniture and other shallow and tight areas
  • Quiet use: Acoustically designed to take away any unpleasant shades
  • Handheld 2-in -1: Quick click and rod with well-designed equipment to convert V11 into a strong hand-held vacuum
  • Included: Torque drive head, Mini-motorized software, Combo device, Delicate mud brush, cussed dust brush, fork software, Wand storage connector, docking station Drive and Charger
  • Warranty: 2 Dyson Yr Elements & Labor (excluding filter) after registration

See this wonderful Customer Assessment of Dyson V11's VIDEO

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Here's a take a look at I take a look at Dyson's latest model of its "V" collection

Dyson V11 engine drive represents the continuous improvement of the engine as a ring and technological improvement that has develop into the hallmark of the model. From the previous however moderately profitable V6 to the V11, Dyson has demonstrated its willpower to determine itself as a pacesetter in the vacuum market.

"Time is the most valuable and finite commodity!"

A time when one bread winner with a mean revenue might help a 5-year-old family. Oh, how things have changed! The current financial system demands that the middle degree has two respectable incomes, a minimum of a minimum of after being shot in an American dream. It doesn't give much time to chill out or do the issues we love.

All the units or tools that promise to save lots of us some time or make our lives easier are often worth a take a look at. In any case, time is the most useful and best commodity!

Everyone's state of affairs is totally different, however the probability to get one, two or three other free hours per 30 days could be very compelling. That's why Dyson and different top-of-the-line ventilators produce the gross sales outlook for shoppers investing in wi-fi vacuum.

Big Leap!

Beforehand, battery-operated vacuums offered us with the opportunity to finish the cleaning work. As an alternative of pulling into the effortless wired monster monster every time you clear, a very good wi-fi pen vacuum makes every day mild cleansing quicker and easier. Use only the main wired vacuum as soon as a month or for such a heavy raise.

Battery and D / C Motor constraints have been an obstacle that has prevented a wireless vacuum from changing a standard wired vacuum

with the step of taking the cable-free know-how a step additional. Actually, it's more than a huge leap!

Its last two entries, Dyson V10 and New V11, can truly be used as critical main, entire house vacuum in lots of instances.

Largest query: Is Dyson V11 Worth It?

buttons19459082] dollars "width =" 75 "height =" 75 "data-jpibfi-post-excerpt =" "data-jpibfi-post-url =" https://bestvacuumcleanerinfo.com / dyson-v11-torque-drive-review / "data-jpibfi-post-title =" Dyson V11 Torque Drive, REVIEW "data-jpibfi-src =" https://bestvacuumcleanerinfo.com/wp-content/uploads/2019 /06/dollars-150×150.jpg "/> I think biggesit t question most people ask if Dyson V11 value is worthy of value?

I think the answer must be for every individual because they weigh the benefits of the Dyson V11 torque motor Cordless So let's look at the features and performance of this exciting new product to determine if this product has a place in your life

LED display

Several other brand manufacturers offer wireless vacuum displays with LED displays. dyson v11 led to performance monitoring [1 9659059] dyson v11 whose performance monitoring has resulted in ” width=”500″ height=”280″ data-jpibfi-post-excerpt=”” data-jpibfi-post-url=”https://bestvacuumcleanerinfo.com/dyson-v11-torque-drive-review/” data-jpibfi-post-title=”Dyson V11 Torque Drive, REVIEW” data-jpibfi-src=”https://bestvacuumcleanerinfo.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/dyson-v11-with-led-performance-monitor.jpg”/>. However, this is a new feature with the Dyson V Series, and it is just as different between the V10 model and the higher price point

I personally like this feature!

When my vacuum my attention to my home tends to drift into other things in my life. Above the LED display above the hand, I get information that I should know when I use a battery-operated vacuum.


Charging and Remaining Battery Life

The general complaint by wireless vacuum owners does not know how much more usage time is left before the battery runs out. One of the functions of the V11 torque LED display is to monitor the battery charge and display the remaining run time in the Countdown format. With this information, you can accelerate yourself and make decisions like: Should I go ahead and clear the bedroom downstairs or wait until it loads?

Performance Reports and Cleanup Mode

Another important task is to display current performance and selected cleaning  LED Display Displays Remaining Runtime Mode and Service Information   The LED display shows the remaining running time modes and service information . Dyson calls these "intelligent cleaning modes." I'm not sure whether the term "intelligent" is built into V11 or the operator's own intelligence because it has chosen the right mode. In any case, it sounds better than just Mode.

(3) states represent the choice of suction power and operating time for the present cleaning task. The more suction you choose, the less usage time you have

  • ECO mode: This is the mode you select for most normal cleaning programs. Eco mode is for lighter and longer cleaning.
  • Automatic mode: When auto mode is selected, V11 automatically adapts to different floor type conditions to achieve balanced suction. Dyson has installed a Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) torque on a cleaning head that tells the engine to accelerate or slow down when moving from carpet to hard floors.
  • Boost Mode: When you encounter heavy dirt, boost mode gives up to five minutes of amazing suction power for intense deep cleaning.
  • Maintenance Reports: This function tells you when it is time to clean the filter and if there are jams. Dyson has responded to one of the most common customer complaints with battery-operated vacuum. Due to smaller filters and smaller air ducts, typically in most wireless vacuums, the cleaning power may suffer if the filter is too charged or if it is clogged. I think this feature is an important step forward in wireless vacuum technology.

I think the LED display and the information it provides are very useful. This is a feature that you value more over a certain period of time, and I believe it is worth value.

Suction power

I believe most would agree that suction power is an essential vacuum for actually good cleaning. Dyson claims that with its V11 torque motor, "Double vacuuming without wiring". 185AW (Air Watts), corresponding to a full wired outlet. (* Examined on a cleaning head for the ASTM F558, a dust-free, cordless sew market.)

Dyson V11 Toque Drive Performance and Cleaning Energy


Most cordless barrel pins made for low-grade carpets and area carpets for passable job cleaning. The most effective-rated ones have been very medium-layered, but struggled for lengthy or deep piling.

The V11 Torque Drive is specially designed for the carpet. Testing confirmed that V11 cleans giant particles, filth and deep dust on all carpets in one or two passes.

V11 not only supplies deep cleaning from a low or high pile carpet, but even cleans a gentle mushy carpet.


I admit that I’m just a little confused about the proven fact that Dyson did not embrace a tender curler cleansing heads akin to the one which came with the V8 Absolute. The mushy roller is the greatest answer I've seen in treating arduous wood and enormous particles  Dyson V11 Drive Torque simply remove filth cracking [19659083] Dyson V11 -moottorikäyttö easily take away dust cracking . A vacuum with a spinning brush tends to deflect large debris such as dry pet food and grain. Soft brush roller solves this problem

As I pointed out, the end of the V11 torque is equipped with a sensor that tells the engine to accelerate the carpet or slow down hard floors. This feature really helps to fade away, but it does not completely remove it.

Testing showed that the rotating Torque Drive throws a few pieces of debris here and there, but that's not a big deal. Preferably, this solution is on a soft roll because it eliminates the need to stop and replace the cleaning heads. For me, it is not enough that I reduce significantly the ratings

In fact, Dyson V11 is one of the best wireless voids, which I have reviewed.

Pet Hair

A recent study of 70% of American homes has at least one cat or dog in their household. It is  Dyson V11 Gobbles Up Filth Waste and pet hair from carpet and exhausting flooring   Dyson V11 Gobbles Up Filth and pet hair from carpet and onerous flooring characterize lots of cattle fur. !

Dyson V11 Torque Engine Simply wipes pet hair from carpet, exhausting and wood flooring. It has no provisions for decreasing hair wrapping, like a few of the newer derived vacuum. Dyson has designed the flooring end, so it's straightforward to get by hand and remove the wrapping hair by hand.

V11 is an exceptionally high suction power and dynamic load sensor that adjusts brush velocity.

Customer quotation: “This little thing is like suction. If you have pets, this is perfect. It rises well in pet hair and cat litter and brushes come out very easily for cleaning. Yeah it's expensive, but it's worth every penny! ”

Dust Cup Capability and Disposal

One other common buyer grievance with wireless vacuum is restricted dirt-retaining capacity. Dyson's previous mannequin V10 and the new V11 presently have the largest capacities of all leading rivals .810 with dry  additional giant point and landfill  with a really excessive point and landfill . 19659021] This includes a lot of dirt and dust, but pet hair and carpet fibers take up a lot of space. So if you have a pet or carpet that invests a lot, you'll find yourself having to stop and empty the dirt container more often than in full-sized wired vacuum.

The good news is that Dyson has made this part of cleaning work as easy as it can get. With their intelligently designed burning mechanism, you can simply target the trash to the trash and Liu's down the red handle. This opens the door, where loose dirt and debris drop off at the same time particles or fibers.

This feature alone is a real game changer, especially if you have pets!


The Dyson V11 Torque Drive uses a 7-cell lithium ion battery installed in the lower holder. This is a larger battery with a longer life and 1 lb heavier than V10. This extra weight is not a big deal unless  Dyson V11 Torque Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Distinctive 7-Cell Battery Operating System   Dyson V11 Torque Motor with Unique 7-Cell Battery Working System . petite. And also you only notice whenever you clean the head. It provides the V11 a greater lower focus that feels higher in your hand

Some consumers have expressed concern that Dyson is designing wireless vacuum for built-in batteries. This prevents them from easily switching to a totally charged battery throughout flight. I have previously supported detachable / replaceable batteries. As a result of you’ve two absolutely charged batteries, you possibly can literally double the velocity without having to give up and recharge
However with a new V11 that isn’t wanted. One built-in battery provides you adequate time to make use of, apart from the widest cleaning session.

The built-in battery pack provided with the V11 is detachable with a screwdriver and video tutorial. Nevertheless, Dyson claims that "it isn’t essential for a very long time." Unofficially, Dyson has suggested that the battery can last up to 15 years



Another important aspect when buying a wireless vacuum is how long you can use it before you stop and charge.

Dyson claims up to 60 minutes of running time in ECO mode. I promise you that it will vary depending on the type of flooring you normally clean. If your home is mostly a carpet, it's less, but still up to 45 minutes is a lot of cleaning time. One customer said he was able to clean his 5000 m² house with one charge. I have no pets or little children at home.


There is a common battery charger with cord and pin plug for charging the V11 torque. You can either set  Dyson V11 Torque Motor Vacuum Cleaner out of the docking station   Dyson V11 torque-powered vacuum cleaners store the floor in the enclosed docking station with a vacuum button or hang it on the supplied wall bracket.

Intelligent battery technology does not allow it to overload. You can leave it connected all the time without fear of damage.

Charging time is about a fully discharged battery. 3 – 4 hours

Charger 220V compatibility: Charger supports 220 V plug connector


All features should be considered seriously when selecting a vacuum cleaner for the filtration system. Although you have not suffered from allergies or asthma, the vacuum cleaner recycles all floors on the floor and the dirt device. If dangerous particles such as dust mites, feces of dust mites, pollen, mold spores, etc. Leak from the vacuum and into the air, it can affect health.

The Dyson V11 Torque Motor is equipped with full HEPA-level filtration, which up to 99.97% of the harmful particles up to 0.3 micron

There are other wireless vacuum systems that also provide HEPA filtering, but in some t there are so small filters that you have to stop and clean them so often that they are not practical. This is not the case with the V11. You need to clean it at regular intervals, but not so often. That's why I like the LED Performance Monitor feature that reminds you of filter cleaning

And the V11 torque never needs to change filters. The HEPA filter is removable and washable and designed to withstand machine life.

User-friendliness of Dyson V11

One of the most attractive features of a wireless bar vacuum is ease of use. You have free  dyson v11 is light weight overhead cleaning   dyson v11 is light weight overhead cleaning that handles the hassle of the cable and has to plug it every time vacuum. Or wrap it up when you've done it.

By default, vacuum vacuums are lightweight, so they are easy to clean with just one hand. Although Dyson V11 weighs 6.68 kg. compared to Dyson Cyclone V10 with 5.8 kg. You probably have no trouble handling it unless you happen physically.

There are other lighter wireless sticks, such as the Shark ION Rocket Ultra-Light Vacuum IR101, which weighs 3.8 kg. It is a nice vacuum, but it doesn't have as many features or cleaning power as V11.

I think the LED display feature is the most important user-friendly feature.

Thoughts and Recommendations

When you look at the vacuum in the Dyson V11 torque motor, I think I think again about my public opinion about battery-operated pressure vapors. Even until the release of Dyson Cyclone V10 and the new V11, I saw these miracle bones as some novelties with limited benefits.  Dyson V11 Torque Drive Detects the Floor Type Automatically   Dyson V11 Torque Drive Detects Floor Type Automatically [19659021] Dyson V11 is the first wireless infiltrating vacuum that I can say with confidence "that is the only vacuum you want!" reminiscent of a number of fur animals and a number of other young children at house, the V11 can present all

Product high quality

The standard of the V11 is clear once you first remove it from the field. And if you see how simply all the elements click together, you already know that you’ve purchased a top quality product.

Dyson all the time makes use of top quality elements in its merchandise. It's one in every of the reasons that lasts so long and why they value more. The two most necessary wi-fi vacuum elements are the D / C engine and the lithium battery. Dyson designs the similar quality of its elements as the product they use.

If I had to choose a brief phrase that describes this fascinating product, it can be: The cordless vacuum of the Dyson V11 torque motor is the final cleaning expertise! 19659021] It’s in all probability the most technologically superior vacuum cleaner; bar none!


  • Weight: 6.66 kg
  • Complete Length: 50.63 in
  • Mud bag Capability: .810 Dry Quarts
  • Intake estimate: 185 Air Watts
  • Max. Period: Up to 60 min LOW mode
  • Charging time: approx. Three-4 hours

I like About the V11 torque drive

  1. Suction energy: Suction energy on the battery vacuum
  2. LED show: Means to know the remaining driving occasions , working and upkeep info could be very helpful
  3. straightforward to empty dust cup: All wireless stations stocked places I looked at easily empty, points and -And dump function, you will recognize the first time you employ it
  4. Mini-motorized software: This well-designed The accent could be very helpful for cleaning furniture, pet bedding, and so on. It is in all probability the best choice, I've seen  Dyson V11 Torque Motor A battery-powered vacuum   Dyson V11 Torque Motor

Issues that I don’t like

  1. There’s a free-standing: Dyson V11 -moottorikäyttö is, like most cellular pneumatic units is a free-standing or parked. If you find yourself not utilizing it, you need to lean on it, place it or cling it. It is considered one of my favourite, which I have a well-liked motorbike design. It denies the advantage of not having to unpack or wrap it back once you're able to vacuum.
  2. Solely works with set off. Shut down when it is launched
  3. Worth: This product has a relatively excessive worth level, as you’d anticipate a very fashionable product like V11

I feel utilizing Dyson V11 is worth it?

Every time I maintain cleaning up my residence each month, all the probabilities of changing these hours into extra productive things are brainless.

In case you are like me, you’d in all probability be late when it involves cleaning like vacuuming. With Dyson V11, you'll end up really enthusiastic (no less than for the first few months until it turns into a norm).

The top end result might be a cleaner residence and extra time to do really necessary issues. 19659058] The Backside Line

Personally, I feel the Dyson V11 torque engine is worth the worth, and on the basis of giant demand, many other individuals assume so.

I may be improper, however I consider it shall be a long time earlier than anybody develops a better, more capable cordless free vacuum

I recommend this vacuum!

  Examine https://amzn.to/2WX0Vqx worth at Amazon   Verify https: //amzn.to/2WX0Vqx at Amazon

V11 and V11 Differences

Dyson V11 – Comparison of the torque and the V11 animal

Model Dyson V11 Torque Power Battery Vacuum Cleaner Dyson V11 Cord Vacuum Cleaner
Color Blue [19659167] Purple
LED Display Yes Yes
Suction rating 185 Air Watts 185 Air Watts
About runtime in full charge 56 min. w / torque tool LOW, 25 min. AUTO and 14 min. In BOOST 56 min. w / torque tool LOW, 25 min. AUTO and 14 min. BOOST
Charging Time About 3 – 4,5 hours Approximately 3 – 4,5 hours
Included Torque shaving head, mini-motor tool, blade tool, stubborn dirt brush, SOFT DUSTING BRUSH, [19659162] ** Torque shaving head, mini-motor tool, blade tool, stubborn dirt brush, combination tool, rod-recording connector, docking station and charger. Weight 6.8 lbs 6.8 kg
Power Modes 3 3
Dust Capacity .810 dry quarts .810 dry quarts [19659189] Automatic suction adjustment Yes Yes
Cleaning head Torque Torque
Filtration Full HEPA HEPA
] Warranty ] 2 years