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Intelligent way to keep cool at night

Eight Sleep


Pod is an clever mattress that gives correct temperature management and sleep monitoring in addition to strain reduction and wonderful help.

Avoid if: You’re on the lookout for a non-frills mattress

Worth: $ 1,935 – $ 2,435

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Affiliate Disclosure: I’ll earn a small reward (totally free to you) should you purchase a mattress for it after clicking on the referral link or using the coupon code on this website. Which means all content and opinions on this website are my own, and they don’t seem to be topic to these fees.

Would you like to sleep comfortably as a result of your mattress feels too scorching or too chilly?

In that case, the eight-bed Pod cooling system is right for you.

It is an integrated foam mattress and a cooling / heating topper that not solely offers help and strain aid, but in addition maintains the bed at full temperature for deep refreshing sleep. You possibly can monitor your biometric knowledge, which you’ll be able to then use to sleep and improve your fitness.

What concerning the worth? An intelligent bed with all this know-how have to be costly?

Properly. It’s costlier than an ordinary foam pad.

However when you consider what you get on your cash – top quality mattress, superior air con system and biometric tracking – just a little over $ 2,000 price ticket for the Queen

Study extra concerning the Pod cooling system.

If Pod's price tag exceeds the finances, the unique Jupiter Eight Sleep carpet is a less expensive choice. 19659003] It’s just as snug and has some methods present in Pod, including temperature management (heating solely). Queen measurement prices about $ 1000 less.

Read more concerning the EightSleep Jupiter + Sensible mattress for extra info on the mattress.


What's on this mattress evaluation?

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Eight Sleep

<img src="https://ee-reviewonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/intelligent-way-to-keep-cool-at-night.jpg" class="alignnone wp-image-10310 sp-no-webp" width="500" peak="336" alt=" Eight Sleeps Launched in 2014. The company started its identify as Morphy, Inc, however moved

Eight Sleep's aim from the beginning was to combine know-how into sleep products.

Their first product was the sleep lawyer they opened by way of Indiegogo.

Jupiter's Sensible Mattress

Pod is a follow-up to their unique sensible mattress.

It contained smarter methods, better temperature control and enhanced efficiency

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Social Influence

  CertiPUR US 4Sleep Mattress Certification

  CertiPUR US 4Sleep Mattress Certification

Although eight Sleep modes aren’t presently obtainable Participate in charity packages, they offer many quality jobs by doing all their manufacturing in america.

Additionally they make sure that their products are protected, not just for their clients but in addition for the setting. The foam used within the mattress is CertiPUR-US certified.

Meaning there are not any ozone depleting substances and different toxic chemical compounds.

As well as, Eight Sleep presents a 10% discount on all merchandise for lively army members, veterans

Go to the low cost page to examine in case you are eligible for a reduction.

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Buy Process

  Eight Sleep Purchase Process

<img src = "https://sleepdelivered.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Eight-Sleep-purchase-process.jpg ? x57387 "class =" alignnone wp-image-10313 sp-no-webp "width =" 1000 "peak =" 487 "alt =" Eight Sleep Buy Processes [19659025] Go to the eight sleep official web site to order The Pod.

Before It is vital to know when ordering is that delivery is free, professional installation can also be free, return time is 100 days, and guarantee interval is ten years: foam half from mattress and two years to sensible layer.

Read time to learn their policies and terms

Kun go to the order, you possibly can choose solely four sizes: Full, Queen, King and King of California [19659003] No permanence settings

Add selected mattress to your purchasing cart and checkout with credit / debit card

n and does not affect your credit score rating.

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<img src="https://ee-reviewonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/1559977928_180_intelligent-way-to-keep-cool-at-night.jpg" class="alignnone wp-image-9440 size-full sp-no-webp" width="300" peak="190" alt=" pod [19659055] Right here is the current worth listing for The Pod. Visit the official website for the newest prices and promotions.

100 Night House Research

  Eight Sleep 100 Night Experiment

 Eight Sleep 100 Night Experiment

When you’ve got eight sleep modes, you might have 100 nights to check it at residence and determine if you would like to return or keep it.

Refunds are Free

Nevertheless, eight sleep modes don't take the mattress in your home. They make strategies for you to donate or reuse the mattress.

Please word that you simply can’t return just one part of the mattress.

Learn extra at Eightsleep.com →

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10 Yr Guarantee

  Pod Warranty

 Pod Warranty

The primary a part of the mattress, made of froth, features a 10 yr warranty as commonplace. .

The Lively Network, which is a layer of all applied sciences, has a separate 2 yr warranty.

For extra info on eight sleep ensures on its website

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  Pod Free Shipping

 Pod Free Shipping

” />

Delivery is free. At current, eight sleeps carry their mattresses solely in adjoining United States. There are not any deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii.

The mattress takes fairly a very long time to send – about 2-4 weeks after the order date. You’ll receive the monitoring quantity as soon as it’s despatched.

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Delivery and Set up

  Pod Features

 Pod Features

Good News; You don't have to fear about establishing The Pod.

Eight Sleep modes supply free white glove supply. The mattress is delivered and placed in any room you select.

Additionally they define intelligent features and Wi-Fi connectivity for you. Begin downloading it as most on-line mattress corporations do.

ettelo Desk of contents

Basis and body

  Column base

 Padded bed

What sort of mattress frame / help does the Pod mattress require?

Under the technical layer, Pod has an strange foam mattress. It doesn’t require a special foundation or frame.

Making any analysis platform

Is The Pod engaged on an adjustable mattress?

Yes, it is

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Care and Cleansing

Is the mattress cover required for The Pod?

No, it's not crucial. But eight sleep modes advocate this. It keeps the mattress clean and protects the sensors towards moisture injury.

In case you determine to use a mattress protector, Eight Sleep recommends a flexible and breathable that does not intrude with the Pod cooling and heating temperature control perform

Do you want to rotate the mattress?

No, it isn’t crucial

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Aesthetics and Design

  Sleep pod-style

<img src = "https://sleepdelivered.com/wp-content/uploads/ 2019/06 / Sleep-pod-styling.jpg? X57387 "class =" 500 "peak =" 334 "alt =" Sleep pod-style design

It has a simple minimalist cowl that is principally gray and is as thick as other foam mattresses.

It's until you see a speaker-like cylinder

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Lively Grid – Temperature Management and Biometric Knowledge monitoring

  Pod's dual zone temperature control

 Pod's dual zone temperature control  ] Pod's dual zone temperature control

Lively Grid is the most important function of Pod and it prices about twice the cost of unusual foam mattresses.

Lively Grid does two things [19659086] 1. Two Zone Temperature Management

You by no means want to use a cooling degree once you purchase a Pod. It has a built-in water-based air con system.

It's a lot better and more versatile than eight sensible mattresses.

This can be a very wide selection. It's not only a cooling system;

The temperature vary is 55-115F.

You choose the specified temperature in your smartphone's eight sleep mode.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to join and handle your Sensible Residence Assistant with voice instructions. The Pod is suitable with Alexa and Google Assistant

In the event you sleep together with your companion, you possibly can select a selected temperature for half your mattress.

It's great for couples with totally different comforts. No more controversy over the thermostat. You possibly can sleep cool when she sleeps heat, or vice versa.

2. Biometric Monitoring

 Eight Sleeping Programs

 Eight Sleeping Programs

The Lively Grid layer accommodates sensors that monitor numerous biometric knowledge resembling respiratory price, heart fee, sleep modes, and sleep movements.

Sleep Software (Android & iOS) analyzes this info to develop an in-depth evaluation of sleep quality, health, and general health.

So as to get probably the most out of this function, you have to be a 8PLUS member. It costs $ 5 a month for a full yr dedication ($ 60).

Paying for membership frees up refined analyzes, personal teaching, challenges and experiments, and other useful content material that may assist you to sleep higher and get more healthy.

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  Pod Building

 Pod Structure

Beneath the lively truss, Pod is a reasonably regular foam mattress. However it is good, presents good help and feels good at all sleeping locations

The mattress has four foam layers

The consolation part has 2 ”poly foam, 2” reminiscence foam and a couple of ”polyfoam

These three layers work collectively to relieve the shoulders and strain of the pelvis and distribute the load evenly to acquire most help.

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Mattress Cowl

The duvet can also be not unique, however it’s snug.

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Fragrance / Degassing

  Eight Mattresses

 Eight Mattresses

Like typical compression packaging hazards, the desire to be slightly off-gassing whenever you take away the mattress.

But the odor could be very delicate and it goes away in a few days.

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Sleeping Experience

  Pod Sleep Experience

<img src = "https://sleepdelivered.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Pod-sleeping-experience.jpg? x57387 "class =" alignnone wp-image-10318 sp-no-webp "width =" 500 "peak =" 338 "alt =" Pod's style

It supplies good help for all sleeping activities.

In fact, the only two areas the place the mattress is lacking is the sting help and the response



  Strength of the Pod

 The Strength of Pod

Eight Sleep Pod is a medium-sized mattress, I recognize it on a 6-6.5 / 10 scale that grows firmly.

It's a candy place for most individuals;

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  Pod Sinking

 Pod Sinking

Pod-uppou The quantity of froth is analogous to different foam mattresses.

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Shifting the Motion

  Moving the Pod Movement

 Moving the Pod Movement

 Moving the Pod Movement

on the foam mat, Pod has little displacement.

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Scorching / Chilly Drawback

  Pod Bin Temperature Control

<img src="https://ee-reviewonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/1559977929_417_intelligent-way-to-keep-cool-at-night.jpg" class="alignnone wp-image-10314 sp-no-webp" width="500" peak="384" alt=" Pod Bin Temperature Control

Pod Bin Temperature Adjustment ” />

The mattress foam portion alone is likely to cause mattress warming. Nevertheless it doesn't matter because you’ve gotten an Lively Grid system.

You possibly can set the specified temperature.

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Benefits and Disadvantages

  Eight Mattresses

 Eight Mattresses


  • Intelligent Temperature Control
  • Sleep and fitness monitoring
  • Snug mattress.
  • Lengthy House Experiment
  • Free Delivery & Installation

  • You need paid membership to absolutely make the most of biometric tracking.
  • Truthful Edge Help
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    This mattress is appropriate for you…

      Pod Cooling System

     Pod Cooling System

    • Sleeping scorching or chilly, would you like a mattress that gives the right sleeping.
    • you improve sleep.
    • You are a couple with varying consolation n eeds. You possibly can set particular person temperatures utilizing eight sleep apps

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    Although eight sleeping torches are slightly expensive,

    You possibly can finally buy a mattress that gives complete sleeping , and even comply with the dream so you possibly can sleep better.

    You don't have to blow up the AC all night, purchase a heater, or

    Together with

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    Where to Buy

      Eight Sleep

     Eight Sleep

    Go to eight Sleeping Official website to order The Pod.

    For extra info, visit Eightsleep.com →

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    Affiliate Disclosure: I’ll earn a small reward (freed from cost for you) for those who purchase a mattress after clicking on the referral link or using the coupon code on this website. Which means all content material and opinions on this website are my very own, and they don’t seem to be subject to these fees.

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