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Roomba 960 vs 980: Is 980 Worth the Additional $$$?

Roomba 960 vs 980: Is 980 Worth the Additional $$$?

by Garrick Dee
Revealed 19 March 2019

The Roomba 900 collection was the first iRobot vacuum with a refurbished navigation system that’s extra powerful because of iAdapt 2.0.

No, these robots are usually not the newest Roomba merchandise (Roomba I7 is!), But these two are still the best-performing robotic cleaners.

Examine Roomba 960 to Roomba 980 and distinguish between these two prime class differences.

It consists of options, usability, design, cleaning features and any confusion you’ll have.

Learn the full article that will help you determine which version is greatest on your residence

Between these two options, Roomba 980 is a better performance because of a more highly effective engine.

Nevertheless, if you get one few hundred dollars extra,

reward and rather a lot in your house

Roomba 980 Assessment: Extra energy

With the launch of Roomba I7, 980 is not the iRobot's cutting-edge model.

This is good news for shoppers because it means worth cuts.

Roomba 980 uses iRobot's third era engine, which is 5 occasions more highly effective than the Roomba 960 engine, which makes use of the similar engine as Roomba 860. its maximum energy.

In addition to a extra highly effective engine and larger battery, you get extra accessories.

This robot takes about 120 minutes after charging, equivalent to a 1,200 square foot space.

980 still has one digital wall to stop areas you don't need to go.

All 980 options make it an optimal robotic for houses with a lot of carpets.


  • There's a superb performance on the mat because of the rug enhancement function
  • A larger battery helps this robotic clean a larger space.


  • One among the costlier robotic vapors proper now
  • Greater engine makes this robotic harder

Decrease row: Roomba 980's bigger engine and provides this robot higher cleansing efficiency on the mat. It also works longer because it makes use of a bigger lithium-ion battery that covers over 100 sq. meters of flooring area.

Examine Worth in Amazon

Roomba 960 Evaluation: Cheaper

The growing reputation of low cost robotic steam coming from China has pressured Roomba to release "Lite" version 980, Roomba 960.

Manufacturers like Xiaomia and ILIFE are aggressive achieve market share in the rising market, and admittedly their merchandise supply numerous value at a lower cost.

Regardless of the growing reputation of low cost robotic cleaners, iRobot continues to be the market leader because of its efficiency, availability in the US and customer help.

Roomba 960 is the result of a worth conflict from the Far East.

This model is a water-jet version of Roomba 980, so there are some downsides.

One in every of these features is the engine. The Roomba 960 has the similar engine as the Roomba 800 collection.

There isn’t any carpet enhancement mode present in the 980s that limits its cleaning efficiency to the carpet.

One other function that was downgraded was the battery. This model uses a smaller Li-Ion battery that lasts only 75 minutes.


  • It's a couple of hundred dollars cheaper.
  • The same iAdapt 2.0 navigation is present in 980, which makes this environment friendly


  • Shorter driving time means it doesn't cowl as much land.
  • Does not clear the carpet and costlier 980.

Lower row: Roomba 960 presents nice worth for cash with the similar iAdapt navigation as the costlier Roomb980. It also has the similar rotating presses, WiFi connection and smartphone software. If there isn’t any carpet in your house, this can be a better choice because it really works pretty nicely on onerous flooring surfaces

Examine the worth in Amazon

Roomba 960 vs. 980: Design

Each Roomba 960 and

Look intently at every detail.

Roomba 980

iRobot chose a more simple interface with the 900 collection.

Older 700 Collection Robots, Roomba had 5 buttons.

In Roomba 980, it has three spherical buttons – clear, residence and on-site

At the backside of the three buttons there is a digital camera

The digital camera scans the room and remembers all the furnishings, partitions and other obstacles.

It additionally scans the residence format to create a map and is aware of exactly where it is (more about navigation later.)

Shifting this robot is an easy thank t

This function is useful if it is advisable manually restore the robot to the charging station.

980 retains the disk design we’re used to after the first iRobot vacuum.

Roomba 960

Picture Source

Roomba 960 has the similar design as Roomba 980. All buttons and digital camera are in the similar positions.

The only difference can be colour when the 960 uses a lighter gray than a 980 darker floor.

Outdoors the aesthetic distinction, all different design parts of the two robots remain the similar.

Both have the similar measurement

The Roomba 960 even has the similar iAdapt management, which is costlier at 980.

How do Roomba 980 and 960 clear?


  Roomba 980/960

. Check out how these two robots are cleaning our houses.

When you turn each robots, you gained't be capable of tell which one is 960 or 980. Both robots use the similar brushless, counter-rotating brushes and individual aspect brushes

Roomba 980

At the core of Roomba 980 are iRobot followers.

Roomba selected something simpler to take care of quite than a standard brush brush [19659003] These "presses" operate extra efficiently than oppositely rotating bristles and a scraper brush present in Roomba robots at the decrease end, similar to 650 and 690.

The size of one aspect brush extends the scope of the robot to grip near the edges

One huge difference between 980 and 960 can be the engine.

Roomba 980 comes with iRobot's third era engine with ten occasions more power than the 600 collection and 5. occasions more than 800 Serbo Room.

This energy means better cleaning on the mat. Mix this with advanced filth detection and highly effective navigation (because of iAdapt 2.0), and you’ve got a robot that cleans you completely and successfully.

The 980 system comes with IR sensors in the buffer, at the least to stop the robot from deteriorating the furniture.

Roomba 960

Like Rome 980, Roomba 960 also has the similar rotating presses and aspect brush. iRobot calls this AeroForce – a three-stage cleansing system

In contrast to the 980s, Roomba 960 has a smaller engine – the similar as Roomba 890.

It additionally has a smaller lithium-ion battery that lasts only 75 minutes. It's 45 minutes less than 980.

In contrast to you reside in a large 2,000 ++ square foot residence, driving time shouldn't be a problem.

Add to the incontrovertible fact that Roomba's potential to return to the right after it was turned off by some means denies the shorter run time of 960.

960 has the similar navigation as 980, so it’s efficient and thorough at the similar time.

Navigation: How Roomba 960 and Roomba 960 Navigate

One among the most exceptional improvements iRobot made with Roomba 980 was navigation.

In older Roomba robots, earlier than the 900 collection, iRobot only positioned infrared detectors round the robot as a measurement to avoid collision.

Although the Roomba robots (600-800 collection) have been very thorough, they have been additionally very ineffective in going randomly and not cleansing up a number of rooms effectively.

Roomba 980 and 960 are totally different. These robots are a lot smarter and extra powerful than any Roomba before.

  How to Navigate Roomba 980/960   How to Navigate Roomba 980/960 Tips on how to Roomba 980/960 navigate

These robots can now be navigated to larger areas with more VSLAM know-how (or Vision simultaneous mapping and mapping) more simple.

Colin Angle, CEO and iRobot founder stated that “this is probably the most important robot iRobot has launched after the original Roomba. "

In addition, he said," It's still round, clean, but it's a brand new robot. ”

On prime of the robot, there is a digital camera directed at 45 – straight angle. This digital camera is related to VSLAM software program that dynamically builds up memory

As the digital camera takes a photo, fictitious software program appears for distinctive patterns like furnishings edges.

When the VSLAM algorithm sees these patterns, the robot remembers these patterns and screens them when it passes its cleansing cycle

It does this continually and builds an image-based map of its setting.

The resulting product is a robotic that cleans straight forwards and backwards. It knows precisely the place it’s when it returns to the charger.

It solves the effort of much older Roomba robots.

As an alternative of manually shifting the robotic room, you’ll be able to simply press a clear button, and the robotic is sensible enough to wash several rooms.

With more intelligent navigation, battery life is decreased as a result of the robot is totally unbiased.

Roomba 960 is a gorgeous choice if your own home doesn’t have all the carpets since you only see the benefits of carpet lifting, mistake, rug.

One potential drawback with an efficient robot is the lack of cause.

The occasional cleaning robot, while ineffective, goes over the space

On average, the older Roomba robots run on common 3 times.

Roomba handles this by programming 980 by growing its performance. engine on mats and carpet.

There’s also a mixture of acoustic and optical sensors that tell robotic areas that want extra thorough cleaning, so this solves depth.

Study extra about tips on how to navigate the iRobot 900 collection right here and here. 19659064] Measurement and dimensions of Roomba 980 and Roomba 960

Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 have the similar dimensions – 13.eight inches in diameter and 3 in peak , 6 inches.

It's low enough to go beneath most beds and furniture. These are the areas that benefit most from the vacuum of the robot.

The load of both robots is simply eight.7 kg.

Elements and accessories coming from Roomba 980 and 960

All the variations between Roomba 980 and 960 are beneath the hood. In addition, each robots use the similar elements, so they’re interchangeable.

Each robots are as follows:

Cost base: It is a "home base" that talks about Roomba 980 and 960. This gadget has a sensor that tells the robot "I'm here, go back and recharge" after the cleansing cycle, or if the robotic's battery runs low

Aspect brush: Aspect or kehruuharja broaden Roomba dimension

Digital Wall / obstacle: the Roomba 980 comes with two of these and 960 only one. A digital wall or barrier acts like a wall that forestalls a direct area (e.g., door posts) or a radial region (e.g., an area around a pet litter). This device is beneficial when you have a much bigger residence with areas that are not suitable for the robot.

HEPA Filter: At the end of the AeroForce system, the HEPA filter prevents allergens from coming back from the exhaust. This filter cannot be washed and you want to change it each two months.

Roomba 980 vs. 960

Outdoors the field, these robots are straightforward to make use of. Place the charging station, charge the robotic after which press clear.

The three buttons on prime of the robotic symbolize the most used features.

Nevertheless, you can even use other options similar to timing and map by way of your smartphone software. [19659003] You possibly can then connect the software and the robotic robotic with built-in WiFi. WiFi is now a normal function in robots, whether it prices $ 200 or $ 900.

Each Roomba 980 and 960 have the similar WiFi connection that provides you entry to robots, even in case you are not bodily current in the home.

So let's say you will have visitors coming and it’s worthwhile to clean up your own home, open the iRobot app, after which click on the default cleanup mode.

For those who own Alexa, this robotic is suitable with that system so you possibly can

Improve robotic possession.

Battery and Driving Time

Roomba 980

Between two robots, Roomba 980 comes with a much bigger battery. It comes with a Three,300 mAh lithium ion battery that lasts as much as 120 minutes. This driving time corresponds to a flooring area of about 120 sq. meters

The charging time is about 2-Three hours, relying on how much battery charge is left.

If the Roomba 980 battery runs out of energy

Roomba 960

The Roomba 960 has a smaller 2 600 mAh battery that lasts about 75 minutes earlier than charging.

It's about 45 minutes less.

How onerous? It is about 70 decibels in carpet increase mode

Roomba 960 shouldn’t be as robust as 5 decibels.

If 65 decibels are still too exhausting for you, search for different robots like ILIFE A4S or ILIFE A8

Roomba 980 vs. 960

To see how properly these two robots are clean, we’ve got to take a look at the results of cleaning blogs by technical blogs

Roomba 980

For Roomba 980, we take a look at the trio of checks by trendy fort, Tech Gear Lab and CNet.

The tactic of each of these checks is totally different.

For example, Trendy Citadel made a cleansing check in a closed space with 4 totally different debris – rice, dry grain, cat litter and sugar.

The check reveals that Roomba 980 was capable of decide up 100% filth from hardwood, low heap and medium

Source: Vacuum Wars


What their exams have not taken under consideration is the robotic's efficiency at the edges and the way it handles cleaning filth around the furniture.

Additionally they did not check it on pet hair.

Tech Gear Lab

Additionally they examined how the robotic was capable of deal with filth round work chairs and room edges.

Roomba 980 did a fairly properly of their cleaning exams with arduous flooring and shallow carpets with a length of 70% of the 100% reference value for rice, oats and flour.

It left traces of every individual on the edges and corners, which is why it didn't get 100 factors

Although it collected essential gadgets reminiscent of mini-wheat in a fluffy carpet, it struggles to sm

Cleaning might be a problem based mostly on the Tech Gear Lab check, as it was only capable of retrieve 30% of pet hair.

Finally, we take a look at the CNet check

CNet did not precisely decide any check, simply the sort of dust and the way a lot the robot might clear up.

In the CNet check Roomba 980 did a lot better in the pet hair check. 19659003] It was capable of retrieve 90 % of the pet's hardwood, 95 % of the low belt, and 84 % of the mid-floor carpet.

For rice, 980 was capable of raise 96 % of the hardwood, 91% of the low mat and 85% of the medium layer carpet.

Roomba 980 did not do in addition to cleansing sand, because it was only capable of raise 22% of its center layer carpet and 29% of the low carpet mat. It was a lot better than hardwood, rose to 92.8%

Here’s a video of Roomba 980, which is making an attempt to wash a big pile of dust from hardwood.

You possibly can see the filth detection system clearly when the robot goes forwards and backwards over a unclean area

It was not capable of select every little thing directly, however the outcomes are impressive.

Roomba 960

The Roomba 960 is being examined for testing by Trendy Castel, Tech Gear Lab and Home Technique

In the Trendy Fort Cleanup Check Roomba 960 took up 100% of onerous hardwood for rice, grain, kitten and sugar.

It did not make sugar on a shallow carpet, but solely 52%. It was good on a high carpet, because it only obtained 49% of the sugar in the high carpet.

In the most extreme check of Tech Gear Lab, Roomba 960 was capable of get 5 factors out of 10 on a naked flooring

Supply of the picture: Tech Gear Lab

The most important offender can be a preventing menace. In a rice purification check, it was a lot better to select up virtually all of the hardwood besides three rice grains.

It obtained a bit greater on the carpet, 6 points out of 10. remove dust regardless of the edges and corners of the aspect brush.

If there’s one thing in Roomba 960, it cleans up advantageous particles like powder. Cleaning larger objects corresponding to rice is a lot better, leaving just some beams behind.

The home technique examined Roomba 960 for four varieties of waste – cheerios, kitten, coffee base and pet hair.

they used level cleaning mode to see how a lot filth it rises. Their cleaning check does not affect how the robotic cleans edges and corners.

Additionally they didn’t check potential navigation problems with several types of furnishings and the way it impacts cleaning performance.

It's undoubtedly a performance check in the center of the room to see how much Roomba 960 rises.

General, it did properly and obtained 9.67 out of 10.

On a hard flooring it was capable of decide up all the particles after 7 minutes

The rug was fairly good on the high carpet, apart from the espresso grounds. It pushed it deeper into the strands of the carpet, they usually had to make use of a vacuum to manually clear it.

The low pile carpet was better. Originally pushing the cheerios and kitty litter over the carpet, Roomba 960 was capable of decide it up ultimately.

Upkeep costs

Roomba 980 and 960 require maintenance to keep away from performance degradation.

Along with mud removing

Here is a desk of cleaning and alternative frequencies for each item in both Roomba 960 and 980.

Take notice that filth have to be emptied and cleaned after each use, if potential.

To extend the life of the HEPA filter, you should use the hand sprayer with a brush software corresponding to the Dyson V7 set off.

I like this system a minimum of to increase the life of the HEPA filter after a couple of weeks.

When you add all the things, upkeep costs are round $ 35-37 per yr.


Worth difference fi Roomba 980 vs. 960 is close to $ 200.

So the question is, is Roomba value $ 980 value of $ 200?

It has a brief and lengthy reply. There isn’t any brief answer

Whenever you take a look at Roomba 980's solely improvements in battery and engine efficiency, the difference in efficiency does not add $ 200.

One cause to decide on Roomba 980 Roomba over 960 can be the flooring sort and the measurement of the house

If it has loads of carpets and a bigger flooring area, a longer service life and a stronger engine will assist.

In any other case it isn’t value the additional $ $.

Roomba 980 vs. 960

What robotic do you have to purchase? Roomba 980 or 960

If you want to purchase a high-end robotic that must be purchased from these two Roomba?

Each robots supply wonderful cleaning efficiency and efficient navigation.

Roomba 980 has better general performance than Roomba 960, which feels the most in carpet cleaning

This variant is able to clean pet hair and smaller particles on the carpet higher than 960.

Roomba 960 is a cheaper choice, nevertheless. You should use this distinction to purchase a high-end handheld vacuum, akin to the Dyson V7 Trigger, to enrich this robot.

Roomba 960 has the similar navigation features as VSLAM, superior dust detection and WiFi, present in 980. [19659003

In abstract, the important variations between these two robots are:

  • Vacuum motor: Roomba 980 comes with iRobot's third era engine, which is five occasions stronger than Roomba 960, which makes use of a second-generation engine.
  • Carpet Increase Mode: Roomba 980 has another gear that it will possibly use for carpet cleaning. iRobot calls this carpet increase mode. This mode starts routinely when the robot detects the carpet.
  • Driving Time: Roomba 960's driving time is 75 minutes, which is more than enough for most cleansing needs. Nevertheless, it's a toddler's play once you examine it to Roomba 980's 120 minute operating time.

Judgment: Roomba 980 is the winner

Answer: Roomba 980 is a winner

In the case of prime performance, Roomba 980 is a greater robotic vacuum than Roomba 960. It lasts longer and cleans higher on the carpet.

The mixture of VSLAM's dirt-sensing sensors makes the robot efficient and thorough. Wi-Fi permits remote entry to your smartphone.

Nevertheless, performance and driving time do not paint the general picture.

You should also take a look at the worth, navigation and worth for cash. If you add this stuff, it turns into fascinating.

Which of those two should I purchase?

Roomba 980 is one among the greatest out there robotic vapors regardless of worth.

iRobot did a terrific job of upgrading its navigation because it is aware of the place it is and is sensible enough to get again to where it was imagined to proceed cleansing.

It has a smartphone software, WiFi and even Alexa compatibility if you want to use it. So this robotic provides you a number of choices.

You should purchase Roomba 980 if:

  • Be at residence on the carpet: A extra highly effective engine on this robot makes it an appropriate residence inside the carpet. I have stated this a number of occasions in this report, that one in every of the explanation why you need to choose this 960-century, is, if your home is the carpet.
  • You need a robotic that lasts longer: Roomba 980 takes 45 minutes longer than Roomba 960. It’s a nice choice should you stay in a much bigger house, so you don't need to put it so typically to obtain.

Verify Roomba 980 from Amazon

You should purchase Roomba 960 if:

  • Don't need to spend additional $$$: Roomba 960 is at present about $ 200 cheaper, and it's a big difference in my e-book.
  • There isn’t any carpet at residence: The engine of Roomba 960 is
  • Would you like iRobot to be effective: Roomba 960 is a serious improve over Roomba 890. There’s better and more efficient navigation that requires much less baby care.

Roomba 960 at Amazon