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Samsung's Best Performance 2019 4K HDR QLED TV –

Review of Samsung's Ultra-Premium 4K QLED, Q90R (QN65Q90R) QN75Q90R (QN82Q90R)
Stephan Jukic – April 29, 2019


Samsung's Q90 (also called Q90R) QLED 4K HDR TV is the successor of the 2018 Q9F QLED publication. Identical to its predecessor, this mannequin is one nice tv in virtually every word of the phrase and presents a number of features that make it one of the crucial splendid 4K HDR LCD TVs. As well as, it has some new innovations for extremely HD TV know-how that takes Q90 over the Q9F options of 2019 and makes it much the same (and even slightly higher) than Samsung's absolute flagship Q900 8K TV or in a sure method, Sony's new 2019 Grasp Collection 4K TVs. Above all, the color of this 4K HDR TV is simply colour supply, movement dealing with and general description

Q90R can also be unusually weak in certain options and some key points. With its performance, it falls in need of what we thought would do higher than Samsung's greatest 2018 4K HDR TVs.


• Unbelievable movement handling and gaming
• Excellent colour rendering for normal and HDR content
• VA High Viewing Angles LCD TV
• Great Distinction and Wonderful Native Dimming
• Wonderful content scaling for all resolutions


• Slightly weak in a real vivid extensive shade range
• Not as shiny as we anticipated
• No Dolby Imaginative and prescient help
• Unique sound might be higher

Bottom Line

There's no discussion about what we're fearful about: The Samsung Q90 / Q90R is a wonderful 4K UHD HDR TV from the thought. A few of its errors might be thought-about as relative to other high efficiency 4K TVs. This TV could be very expensive and in case you are working on a finances, it is a massive bug, but you get loads of money in case you determine to go to one of the three versions of the Q90 QLED mannequin. Primarily, this flagship TV provides some critical competitors to virtually some other prime-of-the-vary models from virtually all present brands available on the market.

Uncover Samsung's QNQ90R QLED LCD HDR 4K UHD Sensible TV 2019 on the market in Amazon

Four.7 – Four critiques

What we favored concerning the Q90R

ton, like concerning the Samsung Q90R 4K HDR QLED TV. It is literally full of fantastic know-how and great options. Although it falls in need of its predecessor in Q9F's key efficiency metrics, it compensates for most of this certain different essential ways. Samsung Q90's largest retailers are people who make picture quality so wonderful. After that, this 2019 QLED flagship mannequin has extremely good business dealing with knowledge. Let's cover the most effective of the Q90.

Vast Angle

Samsung Q90 / Q90R 4K HDR TVs have a brand new vast-angle viewing know-how referred to as "ultra-viewing angle". We also saw this on the Q900 8K TV, which we lately reviewed on this model and contemplate it probably the most unique function of this TV. It is so nice that it provides the Q90, a 4K TV with a VA show panel, wonderful viewing angles. Till just lately, 4K LCD TVs provided either an IPS (In-Aircraft Switching) show or a VA (Vertical Alignment) display.

These two methods mainly symbolize differences within the composition of their pixels, and the IPS provides wonderful, large viewing angles, low distinction and low black levels that may only be lowered by native dimming. Sadly, most IPS televisions didn’t supply either native dimming or a very wild version, which pressured viewers to a nasty black degree and distinction (which sucks because both are crucial to image quality). However, there was a VA that basically gives deep black levels and a robust distinction even with out native dimming, but which utterly descends if you watch a TV display over 20 degrees in the midst of all sides.

Samsung's new "Ultra Viewing Angle" layer combines this opening by making a TV with VA display and wonderful black ranges, but in addition provides wonderful viewing angles. Sony's X-Extensive Angle know-how has something comparable in Sony software program, however in this sense, the Samsung model is best. In Q90, it is absolutely present and creates an excellent combination of top of the range picture high quality at a very extensive angle.

 Review of Samsung's Ultra-Premium 4K QLED, Q90R (QN65Q90R) (QN75Q90R) (QN82Q90R) ]

Motion Handling and Excellence in Gaming

For the sake of simplicity, Samsung has nearly complete handling of just about everyone ways. Adjusting the motion blur of this TV is incredibly good with a very fast pixel response of less than three.5 milliseconds. The interpolation of its motion at virtually all frame charges and refresh charges of up to 120 Hz is simply incredible, and the graceful, more judgmental content of the Q90 from low-frequency sources, resembling disk or streaming films, is sort of complete, with 24p help for playback on a disc, broadcast, streaming and different media sources. In addition to the overall business processing, the Samsung Q90 QLED is nearly good for enjoying 4K TVs on PC or consoles, corresponding to PS 4 Professional or Xbox One X, and so forth. With these units, it delivers an extremely low enter delay in virtually all resolutions, frame charges, colour, HDR and other necessary recreation settings. We help the peculiarities of its efficiency in PC and console recreation interfaces, which are listed under in our efficiency metrics section. Now it is enough to say that the handwriting phenomenon of the Samsung Q90 was exceptionally impressed in virtually all measurement or usage situations.

Local Dimming, Contrast & Black Formation

The Q90R QLED TV presents a very beautiful contrast and black consistency, nevertheless it pulls both out mainly because of the top quality local dimming know-how that must be activated to actually recognize this info. As a result of the Ultra Broad Angle know-how that Samsung additionally gave to this TV, the Q90R's native distinction ratio and black degree usually are not good. One thing about display design that permits wider viewing angles additionally means a bit of extra mild than typical. Nevertheless, if local dimming is absolutely lively (and actually can’t be utterly excluded), the Q90R is a very extremely powerful tv, how good its distinction ratio, the general black consistency, the black rendering and the shortage of halogen effects around the shiny content. This is necessary as a result of this info affects most 4K TV picture high quality

 Review of Samsung's Ultra-Premium 4K QLED, Q90R (QN65Q90R) (QN75Q90R) (QN82Q90R)

Colour supply and efficiency [19659004] Samsung Q90 is a wonderful TV with colors and vibrant, robust and accurate colours. this is in any case a QLED TV. The color accuracy of the field is fairly good, and after the calibration is considerably straightforward, it may be taken simply as unimaginable. In addition, this 4K HDR TV, as vibrant and darkish as it might get, also succeeds in making correct colors at each extremes, which is actually fairly troublesome to tug out of most ultra HD and HDR TVs. The opposite two issues that the Q90 gives very nicely are its large-ranging colour dimension from the DCI-P3 colour area and the very clean 10-bit colour supply, 1.07 billion gradients of RGB colours that constructed a lot of the other shade choices in all HDR or SDR-content material. In the basics, the Q90 is superb because it produces wonderful colour for nearly any content and especially for HDR content sources.

common HDR delivery

The fantastically carried out Q90R contrast, black degree, brightness and colour efficiency characteristics described above make sense provided that this 4K UHD TV must be a superb presentation in HDR supply with the fitting content, and it is undoubtedly. When evaluating all of the utterly disconnected HDR TVs that you could purchase from the presently out there 2018 and 2019 models, only a few are better than a TV animal, especially how shiny they will get. Mix this with wonderful movement dealing with and you really have a profitable house theater package deal. There are some problems with HDR within the configuration of Samsung 4K HDR TV generally and particularly in Q90, however we cover them somewhat further.

 Review of Samsung's Ultra-Premium 4K QLED, Q90R (QN65Q90R) (QN75Q90R) (QN82Q90R)

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What We Don't Like

Samsung Q90 isn’t good because no 4K TV we've ever seen fairly this degree. In different phrases, it has some shortcomings, despite the fact that none of them are what we are talking about as breakers for efficiency. If one thing is the most important obstacle to 4K TV, it will be fairly expensive, and whereas this TV is best than most other 4K HDR TVs, its additional value does not necessarily justify its little or average profit. Listed here are the (somewhat minor) specific efficiency gaps we found on this specific tv.

Distinction Problems (especially in HDR mode)

The Q90 flagship QLED native distinction with out native dimming is far weaker than any of its 2018 predecessors, QLED, even the most cost effective. That is the most important particular drawback that this TV has on its display, nevertheless it's hardly noticeable and the compromise is that in return you get the good thing about Q90's Extremely Extensive Angle know-how, which we expect is answerable for a decreased native distinction ratio. In addition, the native contrast of Q90 continues to be fairly good and a lot better than any IPS TV we've ever checked with presents. In addition, you possibly can all the time flip the Q90 QLED's local dimming to full power and get one amazingly excessive distinction ratio of over 11,000: 1, which we've only seen with the 2018 Q9F QLED and Sony's previous 2016 Z9D 4K extremely reward. TV. In different words, the "fault" of the Q90 is hardly a fault, however we only had to point out it on a case-by-case foundation.

Very weak shade performance weaknesses

Q90R's shade formation is nearly virtually wonderful in virtually every facet. Nevertheless, it isn’t precisely the identical as what we noticed with the supply of the 2018 Q9F QLED. Q9F has really blocked the eyes of spectators in extremely shiny colours, whereas this 2019 model doesn't actually reach that degree. Again, that is the ultra-viewing angle know-how that allows you to watch this TV from a broad perspective and nonetheless get good image quality, so that you get something good in return for a very small reduction in shade performance. One other very minor fault in the shade efficiency of this TV is that whereas the Q90R controls the color quantity of the DCI-P3 WCG mode, when all colors are displayed nicely in shiny and darkish circumstances, both 2018 Q9F and Q8F QLEDS did this higher. 19659004]  Review of Samsung's Ultra-Premium 4K QLED, Q90R (QN65Q90R) (QN75Q90R) (QN82Q90R)

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Small HDR Problems

There are three essential things we might criticize concerning the performance and outline of HDR in Q90R. They’re all very small, and only certainly one of them is absolutely value bearing in mind: First, when the above factors relate to the color weak spot within the shade scheme and the native distinction, you must take into account that Q90R produces a barely weaker general peak of dynamic vary content material than the 2018 flagship Q9F . The distinction is so small that you simply hardly discover it, regardless that the two TVs are aspect by aspect, however it is sufficiently visible to say the higher worth of this TV. Once once more, that is mainly because of the Q90R's new Extremely viewing angle know-how, which reinforces the viewing angle. We think about this an amazing compromise.

We’ve to mention that our tv, which it shares with all Samsung TVs, we expect is superb. This is their interference with the Dolby Imaginative and prescient HDR format. HDR10 is great and HDR10 + is even better, however Dolby Vision is a wonderful HDR format out there in lots of present HDR content material sources. It is a shame that such good 4K HDR TVs, such because the Q90 and its QLED cousins, don’t help it, as they might supply a form in the event that they did.

 Samsung's Ultra-Premium 4K QLED, The Q90R (QN65Q90R) (QN75Q90R) (QN82Q90R)

Weak Sound

Samsung Q90 QLED TV sound quality is just respectable and virtually similar to 2018 With Q9F. In different phrases, this TV can play excellent and loud sound for infrequent TV viewing, however its built-in speakers don't have a robust, wealthy bass that a actually strong exterior sound system would supply. In addition, bass sounds simply do not register as sound. Subsequently, we have to consider the overall sound performance of the Q90R amongst its weaknesses. Nevertheless, this can be a small drawback, as a result of regardless that the modestly priced external audio bar fixes it and in any case what the Q90R itself can produce, it’s ok for normal TV viewing in any normal mode.

Worth and Value

] In the last observe, Q90R is dear. It is going to definitely value more than simply about all the opposite 2019 Samsung TVs, besides the Q900 8K TV and its pricier than the 2018 Q9F and even many different comparable 2018 high-finish TVs. Subsequently, whereas it presents great value and quality, you possibly can choose virtually the same performance of a Q9F-like TV in most ways whereas saving a bit.

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Worth and lowest line

General, we strongly advocate 2019 Samsung Q90 QLED TV for everyone who needs a new, 2019 TV model for themselves. It's simply top-of-the-line LCD 4K HDR TVs that we've had the pleasure of taking a look at up to now, and it's also among the best 4K TVs we've seen up to now. In so some ways, the Q90 is a a lot better selection than the flagship Samsung 2019 QLED, the Q900 8K TV, and it’s also reasonably priced.

 Review of Samsung's Ultra-Premium 4K QLED, Q90R (QN65Q90R) (QN75Q90R) (QN82Q90R)

Discover Samsung's QNQ90R QLED LCD HDR 4K UHD Sensible TV 2019 on the market in Amazon

4.7 – 4 critiques
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Key Samsung Q90R Info

• Display sizes: 65 inch QN65Q90R, 75 inch QN75Q90R, 75 inch QN75Q90R, 75 inches QN82Q90R (viewable TV is 65 inches)
• Sensible TV: Tizen 2019 Version
• HEVC (H.265) Included: Sure
• VP9 Included. Yes
• For HD-UHD 4K Scaling: Sure
• HDCP 2.2 Compatibility: Yes
• HDR Help: Yes, HDR10, HDR10 +, Hybrid Log Gamma
• Upgrade Price: 120 Hz native refresh price
• Display illumination: LCD with full vary backlight and native dimming
• Resolution: 3840 × 2160 pixels 4K UHD
• Wi-fi: Sure, consists of each built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports
• Distant Controls: Samsung sensible OneRemote with voice control
• Connections: Four HDMI ports (all 2.0a and HDCP 2.2, port 4 with HDMI 2.1 accessory), three USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, 1 digital audio output, the whole lot can also be within the exterior One Join field
• Distinction ratio: 11,400: 1 (native, true distinction)
• Absolute peak peak brightness: 1440 bits (cd / m2)
• 3D know-how: N / A
• Processor: Quantum Processor 4K

Show Performance Meters

The following sections are necessary for a very good emblem If you need the Samsung Q90R 4K HDR TV to work because it consists of measurements: shade rendering, brightness, black ranges, distinction, native dimming and movement dealing with. These are things that basically determine how nicely your tv exhibits the content you need to watch. Also word that this info typically varies slightly per unit and shouldn’t be thought-about full. Nevertheless, they need to keep a usually high degree of similarity in all TV fashions of all sizes to be of excellent high quality to be highly dependable quality indicators.

It is vital that we additionally point out that the totally different TV display sizes on one model can make a number of the info described under barely totally different. That is especially true for UHD luminaires which might be illuminated because LEDs cover a wider area on the sides of a number of of those televisions. The Samsung Q90 is a full vary of LED backlit TVs, which signifies that its display surface is usually coated with LEDs that can be closed in elements on a television by way of local dimming know-how. Primarily, which means its display brightness and contrast efficiency ought to be extra constant between the totally different sizes of this mannequin than it might be on an edge-lit 4K TV.

All the knowledge and meters you’ll cover right at the measured, concrete root of how properly the Q90R 4K HDR TV works. They ignore and market and mark fluff that producers need to pile around their 4K TVs to make them look extra exceptional than they actually could possibly be. In different words, right here we do not take into consideration empty stickers, pretend colour tones and unsightly terms which are typically found in producers' promotional materials. As an alternative, what Samsung QNQ90R QLED TV can truly ship in a traditional shopper setting is just measured by the calibration included within the relevant TV controls.

 Samsung's Ultra-Premium 4K QLED Review Q90R (QN65Q90R) (QN75Q90R) (QN82Q90R)

Black Degree, Unity, Local Dimming and Distinction:

Black Depth, Black Unity, Local Dimming and contrast vary are a number of the most necessary measurement outcomes for a way nicely your tv does all types of. They are especially relevant to HDR TVs as a result of they do the appropriate factor once they significantly enhance the overall information of colour richness and picture high quality elsewhere on the display, and play an important position in the dynamic range of content material. That’s the reason all of them need to be concealed and defined in relation to one another on Q90R QLED TV.

Samsung Q90 delivers all the above, exceptionally or exceptionally, with an exceptionally native contrast ratio. The black ranges of this TV are wonderful regardless of whether or not the native dimming is off or on, but when the local dimming is activated, the overall black consistency of the Q90R is completely incredible. So are the black ranges themselves, creating an extremely high distinction ratio as long as the native dimming stays on. Most importantly, the Q90R-TV gives black-degree capability that meets the HDR10 and HDR10 + excessive-end HDR requirements. Which means it may well produce black ranges under zero.019 nit, and may simultaneously produce a peak brightness (overlaying intimately additional down) that exceeds 1000 nits

 Samsung's Ultra-Premium 4K QLED, Q90R (QN65Q90R) (QN75Q90R) (QN82Q90R)

Crucial a part of Q90R's QLED TV efficiency is the native dimming know-how, which is completely awesome on this TV. Local dimming works by deactivating elements of the LED elements that mild up on the back of the TV display behind the pixels to create darkness during content creation. Many TVs don’t even have the know-how, however they depend upon the sunshine-proof filters on the display, preventing black levels by blocking the LED backlight. In other instances, local dimming is current, however extraordinarily inaccurate as a result of the television in query is edge-lit, and the LEDs solely produce backlight from a number of edges of the display. The Q90R is a full vary TV, so its backlight LEDs cover a lot of the display mode and shine outward. Thus, its local dimming might be very accurate, with many special dimming areas and very top quality black ranges. This function permits the Q90R to have wonderful distinction and black consistency, regardless of its native distinction ratio, which is sort of low if native dimming is off.


Thus, the Samsung Q90R is both under average and in addition an exceptional performer. Its biggest native real distinction ratio (no local dimming) is about three,250: 1, which is not unimaginable, however definitely respectable. This is greater than enough for top image high quality and between the content material of robust, recent, colourful, vivid shiny scenes and elements of shadows. Nevertheless, a few of Samsung's last yr's 4K TVs, comparable to Q7F, Q6F and even non-QLED NU8000, are higher than the perfect contrast Q90 can do. Then again, if local dimming is turned on, the Q90R produces a very excessive contrast ratio of 11,400: 1.


Contemplating how shiny a 4K HDR TV is, usually, a measurement of how a brilliant TV can get both an SDR ( regular content) mode, how vibrant it could actually get to view HDR content material. Crucial measurements underneath every are the high-end brightness, the typical general brightness of the show and the very best durable brightness. The very best brightness is the utmost level-to-HDR or SDR of the complete-sized elements of a 4K TV display or its display, measured in nits (or cd / m2, which is identical thing). Steady brightness is the very best attainable sturdy HDR or SDR brightness that may be controlled over an extended time period by the TV display or elements thereof (a few minutes or more).

 Samsung's Ultra Review - Premium 4K QLED, Q90R (QN65Q90R) (QN75Q90R) (QN82Q90R)

Samsung QNQ90R 4K HDR QLED TV is exceptionally brilliant at all ranges and provides both wonderful HDR mild and very excessive SDR mild. Its brightness stays excessive in each excessive and constant measurements, and the identical is true if the small or giant elements of the display are absolutely illuminated. In addition, this 4K TV is incredibly good in each its SDR and HDR content modes.

In abstract, the foregoing signifies that the Q90R often does a superb job of being sufficiently clear for normal, non-HDR content, of any variety, and on HDR TV it only stands out. This is enhanced and enhanced by its fantastically good shade, distinction, black ranges and other HDR options. All of this stuff mean that the Q90R gives usually accurate picture high quality

Under are all the primary Q90 show brightness specifications, measured when it comes to totally different display mode areas, both HDR and SDR settings, and both high and sturdy circumstances:


Samsung Q90R SDR brightness

  • SDR peak brightness for normal focus: 770 nits
  • 2% display range SDR brightness: 910
  • Peak 10% show vary SDR brightness: 114 nits
  • Peak 100% show vary SDR brightness: 479 nits
  • Long-time period 10% SDR brightness: 1085 nits
  • Lengthy 100% SDR brightness: 499 nits [19659091] ] Samsung Q90 QLED TV HDR brightness

    • Common HDR peak brightness for regular content: 1315 nits
    • Peak 2% display range HDR brightness: 1090 nits
    • Prime 10% show range HDR brightness: 1440 nits
    • Prime 100% show vary HDR brightness: 522 n its sturdy 10% HDR brightness: 1374 nits
    • Lengthy 100% HDR brightness: 520 nits

    Shade Supply:

    Q90R predecessor to Q90R in comparison with Q9F flagship Q90R doesn’t achieve the identical colour area of the color scheme (DC-P3 proportion). It slightly weakens Samsung's greatest 2018 QLED TV with a couple of factors in a number of other methods, also in colour. Nevertheless, the difference could be very small, and the Q90R continues to be an extremely vibrant colour activity. As well as, the primary purpose why we expect it is a little worse than the Q8F of 2018 is that the Q90R is already outfitted with the Ultra-Angle know-how, which little or no reduces the quality of the WCG, however compensates for increasing viewing angles significantly. We consider that the compromise is definitely a smaller loss. Q90R additionally has an excellent shade calibration of the box for correct shade formation accuracy, even for those who do nothing for calibration

     Review of Samsung's Ultra-Premium 4K QLED, Q90R (QN65Q90R) (QN75Q90R) (QN82Q90R)

    The precise colour settings that the Samsung Q90R delivers immediately from the field and after calibration are as follows. The smaller the next numbers are, the better and, as you possibly can see, each calibration numbers and calibrations for each setting are both respectable or wonderful: Out-of-the-field White stability delta E, colour delta E and Gamma in this 4K HDR LCD The TV is on an excellent degree of 3.75, 2.5 and a couple of.18. Adjusting the Q90 image adjustments using guide calibration leads to better outcomes, virtually wonderful results, and these similar levels are much more intently aligned to the zero.31, 1.08, and a couple of.19 levels we tested. Once more, these are superb colour accuracy settings by any measure, especially for those who understand that the smaller these numbers are, the higher.

    In the primary guidelines, although the coverage of the WCG DCI-P3 shade area is low, the Samsung QNQ90R, nevertheless, offers high protection of the excessive-definition colour show of the HDR to DCI-P3 mode at 94.5%. In addition, the 10-bit Colour Help (1.07 billion colours) is clean and complicated, and this TV delivers wonderful and rich shade rendering for content material usually, regardless that it isn’t used to display HDR films. This is, in fact, essential because a lot of the Q90R's obtainable content is commonplace TV broadcast content or streaming pictures, and it shows with out HDR or 4K decision, no less than for now.


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    Q90R QLED TV additionally makes for very respectable colour accuracy in shady and really shiny scenes, and it’s certainly an awesome performer for what we saw on most of the 2017 and even round 2018 4K HDR TVs made by Samsung or different manufacturers. Notably in shady content sequences, a very good shade quantity is maintained within the DCI-P3 mode of the vast shade choice and is sort of good contemplating how troublesome it was to tug the TV display off in older 4K fashions. Samsung Q90R's potential to supply shiny colors with high brightness is nearly as good as its capacity to supply good colour in shady scenes, however the performance towards blue colour is barely weaker

    Movement Dealing with & Upscaling:

    how properly they handle content content, Samsung's 4k UHD TVs have an ideal outcome, and that is especially true for brand-identify TVs corresponding to QLEDs. In addition, when it comes to recreation performance and responsiveness, virtually all Samsung 4K UHD TVs, including premium and mid-range or finances fashions, are extremely good performers during console / PC connectivity. We've discovered the identical thing in virtually all the evaluations we've made on this brand, and it is exceptionally properly applied in Q90R. On this 4K HDR TV, content material motion is dealt with very easily and efficiently with slight blurring, flickering, or distortion, even if the content is reproduced at frame rates lower than the 120 Hz native refresh fee set by this TV display. Huomaa myös, että Q90R: n 120 Hz: n natiivi virkistystaajuus koskee kaikkia kolmea kokoa, joita tämä televisio on saatavana.

    Erityisesti Q90: n liikkeen hämärtymisen säätö on yksinkertaisesti erinomainen alku, jonka mitattu pikselin vasteaika on three,6 millisekuntia pikselivärimuutosta viive. Vuoden 2018 tai vanhempien 4K LCD-televisioiden standardien mukaan tämä luku on uskomaton parannus. Periaatteessa mitä tämä ominaisuus tarkoittaa, että pikselit muuttavat väriä riittävän nopeasti (3,6 millisekunnin kuluessa 80% ajasta tai enemmän), että nopea liike hämärtyy minimaalisesti toiston aikana, mikä tekee TV: stä hyväksi esimerkiksi urheiluvaatimuksiin tai toimintaelokuviin ja peleihin. Jopa sen erittäin hitaimmalla vasteajalla, joka esiintyy enintään 20% näytön pikseleiden liikkeen ajasta, Q90 ei koskaan ole huonompi kuin 9,9 millisekuntia, mikä on edelleen erinomainen. Toisin sanoen tämä televisio voittaa monia sen 2018 ja 2017 edeltäjiä Samsungista tai jopa useimmista muista tuotemerkeistä.

    Myös muut Q90R: n liikkeenhallintatiedot ovat erittäin hyviä tai yksinkertaisesti fantastisia: Q90 4K HDR TV: llä on myös erinomainen liikkeen interpolointikapasiteetti ruudussaan lisäämällä kehyksiä hitaamman sisällön aikana, mikä vähentää hämärtymistä, mutta tämä voi tuottaa vähäistä saippuaoopperaa, kun sitä käytetään elokuvissa, jotka toistavat eri kehysnopeuksilla, vaikka Samsung on tehnyt sen vaikutukset ovat vähäisempiä jokaisen vuoden aikana uudemmissa TV-malleissaan. Black body insertion in this TV also works completely, which additional helps enhance the crispness of image quality

    A Review of Samsung’s Ultra-Premium 4K QLED, The Q90R (QN65Q90R) (QN75Q90R) (QN82Q90R)

    The Q90’s motion interpolation capability can also be downright excellent for all body rates sometimes present in a variety of normal broadcast, disc media and streaming content, and especially in films (24p films, 30-50fps TV content, excessive body fee streamed video and video games) the Samsung Q90 manages all of these very properly on its native 120Hz display panel. It could interpolate content as much as 120fps and gives this for content material that natively plays back at 30fps and at 60fps. 24p Blu-ray discs, DVDs, cable TV and broadcast TV sources as well as streaming media from each native apps and apps inside external streaming media units can all be performed judder-free as nicely.

    Finally, the Samsung QNQ90 QLED TV does a perfectly good job of upscaling just about any content you throw at it. It will possibly sharpen 1080p content from any supply with minimal to non-existent artifact creation and it pulls off almost as high a degree of upscaling efficiency for 720p and even 480p SD content material sources from TV broadcasts, DVDs and different media sources, as long as the source material has been mastered properly. Colour and distinction are also conserved properly in most top quality media sources although the Q90 will solely apply HDR colour to native excessive dynamic range video with HDR10 or HLG mastering. Again, because Samsung simply refuses to adopt help for Dolby Imaginative and prescient HDR in any of its TVs, the Q90R doesn’t help the Dolby commonplace.

    Input Performance for Gaming and PC:

    The Samsung Q90 QLED is downright excellent as a gaming TV or to be used with a PC rig (both for gaming in 4K on a PC or many other things). This is one in every of this specific 4K HDR TV’s great options so far as each visual efficiency and responsiveness are involved.

    The Q90R responds to playback of games from consoles or PCs at all types of different refresh charges, body rates, shade settings, resolutions and mixtures of all of these. Additionally, the Q90R, like all of Samsung’s 2018 and 2019 QLED TVs, consists of the good thing about FreeSync variable refresh fee synchronization know-how, allowing it to easily mesh the onscreen refresh price of a PC recreation with that being outputted by a GPU inside a gaming platform or PC gaming rig that the Q90R is related to. The responsiveness of the Q90R is incredible beneath virtually all settings and the measurements for enter lag for console or PC gaming on this TV across a number of decision, HDR, colour and frame price mixtures bear this out, as the numbers under clearly present:

    A Review of Samsung’s Ultra-Premium 4K QLED, The Q90R (QN65Q90R) (QN75Q90R) (QN82Q90R)

    Listed here are a few of the key specific specs for its gaming efficiency in several console setups:

    • 4k @ 60Hz: 14.9 ms
    • 1080p @ 60Hz: 15.1 ms
    • 1080p @ 120Hz: 10.3 ms
    • 1080p @ 60Hz outdoors Recreation Mode: 76 ms
    • 4k @ 60Hz + HDR: 14.7 ms
    • 1440p @ 60Hz: 14.6 ms
    • 4k @ 60Hz Outdoors Recreation Mode : 58.2 ms
    • 4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:Four: 14.5 ms
    • 4K @ 120Hz: 18.5 ms
    • 1440p @ 120Hz: 9.9 ms
    • 1080p with FreeSync: 6.9 ms
    • 4K with interpolation activated: 35.7 ms

    The Samsung QLED Q90 gives broad and wonderful help for various resolut ions, fra me charges and shade settings when related to a PC rig as properly. The following specs present this clearly:

    • 1080p @ 120Hz: Yes
    • 1080p @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4: Yes
    • 4k @ 60Hz + 4:Four:4: Sure
    • 1440p @ 60Hz: Yes
    • 4k @ 120Hz : Yes
    • 4k @ 60Hz @ Four:Four:Four: Yes
    • 1440p @ 120Hz: Yes


    The Samsung Q90 comes with all of its connectivity ports constructed into an exterior One Connect field. Due to this, its cable administration is pretty properly designed and straightforward to arrange despite the fact that this TV doesn’t have a smoothly flat back panel for the specialized flushed mounting to partitions that Samsung’s design allows for certain greater-finish QLED TVs.

    So far as connectivity ports are concerned, the Q90 QLED comes with all of in the present day’s now standardized and important superior connectivity specs. Thus, this 2018 model comes outfitted with 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB 2.0 USB ports and other crucial connectivity slots. Samsung has additionally given the Q90 full HDMI HDR supported bandwidth in all 4 HDMI ports. Moreover, in contrast to Samsung’s cheaper QLED TVs such because the Q60R, the Q90R also comes with one HDMI 2.1 port, which is why (as we indicated above in our measurements) it supports 4K gaming or content playback at a true native 120Hz. This can be a nice bonus function although for now, virtually all shopper entertainment sources of 4K UHD content are streamed or broadcast at no more than 60Hz. Then again, disappointingly, the Q90R doesn’t have any USB ports although it does supply three USB ports that each one come with USB

    A Review of Samsung’s Ultra-Premium 4K QLED, The Q90R (QN65Q90R) (QN75Q90R) (QN82Q90R)

    The following are the Samsung QLED QNQ90R’s ports and their specs:

    • HDMI : 4 (HDCP 2.2 & full HDMI 2.0a capacity)
    • HDMI 2.1 : 1 (HDCP 2.2, 4K @ 120Hz)
    • USB : 3 (USB x three)
    • Digital Optical Audio Out : 1
    • Analog Audio Out three.5 mm : 1
    • Tuner (Cable/Ant) : 1
    • Ethernet : 1
    • HDR10 help: Yes
    • HDR10+ help: Sure
    • Dolby Vision HDR help: No
    • Hybrid Log Gamma HDR help: Yes
    • Dolby Vision HDR: Sure

    The Samsung QLED Q90R TV models also supply audio connectivity within the following varieties.

    • ARC
    • 5.1 Dolby Digital by way of ARC
    • 5.1 Dolby Digital by way of Optical

    No help for eARC though the Q90R does proabably help Atmos passthrough from Dolby Digital Plus sources


    Samsung has released the QNQ90R 4K extremely HD HDR LCD Sensible TV fashions in three totally different sizes. Thus, you could have the selection of a 65 inch or 75 inch model, and an enormous 82 inch version that might be just awesome for players and residential theater followers who need a deeply immersive expertise. All three models are principally equivalent in their specs and efficiency and between them solely very minor display performance variations corresponding to those we described in our visual specs intro section above is perhaps the case.

    The fashions all sell for the next prices, discovered within the link under on the time of this writing. Bear in mind that these are subject to typically frequent downward change and it’s a good idea to click on the following Amazon links for real-time pricing and all out there reductions on this mannequin.

    A Review of Samsung’s Ultra-Premium 4K QLED, The Q90R (QN65Q90R) (QN75Q90R) (QN82Q90R)

    Take a look at the Samsung QNQ90R QLED LCD HDR 4K UHD Sensible TV 2019 on sale at Amazon

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