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Sinoluck Ootori 810L Massage Chair Review

Massage Chair, Zero Gravity Massage Chair, Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair with ...


Sinoluck Ootori 810L follows the form of the Ootori chair by providing the buyer a cheap therapeutic massage chair with loads of features which are normally solely expected in premium chairs. With body scanning, a surprisingly long L-roller, three zero-weight positions, lumbar backbone, adjustable shoulder and hammer, it’s positive to offer value for money. Learn the complete evaluation under.

Massage Chair, Zero Gravity Massage Chair, Full Physique Shiatsu Massage Chair with SL-Double. ..

  • 【Zero Gravity & Area Saving】 There are 3 levels of zero gravity angle, click the button to regulate the snug angle. Only …
  • 【Full Physique Air Massage Chair Chair therapeutic massage is roofed with neck, shoulders, again, arm waist, pelvis, calves and leg airbags. And 3 …
  • 【SL Duplicates and 6 Auto Mode This chair is designed with SL duplicates of roughly 51.18 inches. Massage rolls …

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Business Background

Ootori is an organization that has worked for the last two for a decade. Over the past six years, they joined the niche of the therapeutic massage chair and commenced to manufacture their very own massage chairs. Their products have been designed by industrial designers from Denmark and Japan, whereas the assembly crops of their products are situated in China.

Sinoluck Waiter Specs

  Massage Chair, Zero Gravity Massage Chair, Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair with Double ...


  • Colours: Black, Brown, Gray
  • Packaging Dimensions: 58, 27 x 31.50 x 42.13 inch
  • Delivery weight: 209 kg

Consumer Info

  • Peak Vary: Up to 6 & # 39; three ″ ft long
  • Max Weight: 380 lbs
  • Shoulder roll adjustment: 1.57 inches – eight.27 inches
  • Calf roll adjustment: Up to 4.72 inches


 3 Yr Guarantee = "500" Peak = "311

All Ootor chairs have a 3-year warranty.

It covers labor and repair costs, and they are also said to go on-site, however. Buyers get one month to register HERE before the warranty is completely void

Key Features

Here are the main features of Sinoluck Ootori 810L

  • L-Track Roller Massage –
  • Body Scan technology – a very important feature, the automatic body detector system automatically scans the height and shape when you turn on the power chair.
  • Lights – Because the massage bearings are 3D, you get a very dynamic massage experience because the rollers are able to move left and right and in and out. Other massage chairs with 2d rollers can only move from side to side.
  • 6 Massage Mode – You can choose from a variety of massage modes to get a different massage experience according to your daily needs.
  • Zero Gravity Technology – Zero-weight technology makes a massage chair that can lower you completely so that your feet are high at the same height as your heart, or higher. This gives you a floating and weightless feeling.
  • Lumbar Heat Therapy – Asuka heats lower back pain to relieve and improve blood circulation.

  • Full Body Air Massage – Except 3d rollers, the chair is equipped with airbags throughout its body. These airbags swell and drain to get complete body air massage in the following areas: neck, shoulders, back, arms, waist, hips, legs and calves.
  • Space Saving Technique – You only need 4 inches of wall space to get the massage chair completely back, making it ideal for small spaces.

  Massage Chair, Zero Gravity Massage Chair, Full Body Shiatsu ...

  • Foot Rollers – Asuka is a 3-line leg roller for tired feet to get deep tissue massage in gua sha


Long L-Track

When I first heard that Sinoluck Ootori 810L had an L-track that was 51 inches long, I was very excited. As a budget price, it cuts out much more expensive chairs in the roller compartment of the L-roll.

  Massage Chair, Zero Gravity Massage Chair, Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair with Double ...

Some Perspective and Background, Massage Chair Roller refers to the rails on which the massagers are attached. Although it is not the best in parallel, you can think of a roller skateboard and roller-roller roller coaster. Unlike round and round roller skates, the massage chair track follows the body length to give you the best massage experience.

There are rollers on the S-track, the rolls of which rub you from the neck to the back and down to the buttocks. Later, the L-track was invented and, as the name implies, it is in the form of the letter "L" instead of the "S" track. It doesn't stop just in the buttocks. It continues to massage the glutes, piriformis and hamstrings. If you have conditions that cause pain in these areas, a massage chair with a really long L-strip is best for you. like a lot of premium chairs. Here are some examples:

All of the above pay twice or more than twice the price tag for this Ootor chair.

There are other massage chairs with longer L-tracks and as expected to be very expensive models. The best example is Luraco Legend.

Designed to adapt to different body forms

One of the strengths of the Ootor brand is that most of their massage chairs are designed to fit different body shapes.

Are the shoulders too wide? Or maybe your body is too thin and the body is too small? Do not worry. Back massagers can be adjusted to different shoulder widths between 1.57 inches and much wider 8.27 inches

What about height? You may be higher than other people. For you, the designers installed an expandable footrest. It can stretch up to 4.72 inches. This makes the massage experience more enjoyable especially when you get a foot massage or a zero-weight

  Massage chair, Zero Gravity massage chair, Full Body Shiatsu massage chair with double ...

And finally we have a body scan. This automatic body detector system is the cornerstone of good massage. By knowing your body shape and measurements, the massage chair can intelligently customize your massage. I'm not hate when the massage chair is missing from the neck, waist and other key parts. This is a common problem with massage chairs with fixed rollers or sans body scans.

3 Zero Gravity positions

  Massage chair, Zero Gravity massage chair, Full Body Shiatsu massage chair with double ...

We have mentioned zero gravity several times and this is because it is one of our favorite programs . When you lie in this flat spot on your feet flat or higher than your heart, you just don't get a "floating" feeling. From this position you get a fair amount of health advantages, resembling lower again and backbone stress, better blood circulation, and again pain aid

Gravity destroys our spine and again, and it is weakened by poor posture. There are again pains and sore legs. Going to the zero-weight position provides our tired body plenty of time-out.

Sinoluck Ootori 810L takes it a step additional by offering three zero-weight stations. They are unique, snug and deep. Whatever you choose, the experience is enjoyable, relieving and rejuvenating.

When you finally buy the Ootor, I might advocate that you simply start on a decrease slope earlier than you go deeper.

Pain Aid

One of many widespread suggestions from Sinoluck is that it helps relieve ache. Record of options that help customers in ache management

  Massage chair, Zero Gravity massage chair, full-body Shiatsu massage chair with ...

  • Yoga Stretching Program – Relieves Ache in Your Neck and Back
  • Lumbar Heating – Goal for Decrease Again ache
  • L-line design – helps to alleviate neck, back and decrease body pain (glutes and hamstrings)
  • Foot rollers – Helps sore and sore ft
  • Zero Gravity – Free neck, back and leg

Life with pain not a joke. If you should purchase a home residence that may assist relieve it, I extremely advocate it

No Configuration

In the event you purchase this mannequin, you’ll be able to say goodbye to unclear manuals and a number of other elements. It’s absolutely assembled and has wheels that make it simpler to move round.

In the event you stay alone and wish it (or worse, typically stairs), be sure to get the White Glove service so they can

Excessive Satisfaction Score

and it is disappointing whenever you introduce a therapeutic massage chair with poor efficiency. Fortuitously, this isn’t the case with this mannequin. Sinoluck Ootori 810L will get us and its consumers a high score. At the time of writing, it has acquired a full score from individuals who purchased this yr

Actual Evaluations

It isn’t enough as we speak to get excessive scores. You need to look out for pretend critiques. It isn’t unusual for producers to add false estimates to their product pages as a way to improve their estimates. The Amazon evaluations of this chair are all legit. The consumer has had constructive feedback from their users


The worth is a few thousand bucks, this is one reasonably priced chair that is undoubtedly value for cash. Get the features of a massage chair, which you often get from expensive premium massage chairs. It’s great that buyers now have low-cost decisions


Relative Newcomer

An entire Residence Tub Massage Chair evaluate shouldn’t be complete with out supplying you with the weaknesses of the model or brand. There are not any design or performance problems recognized with Prime 810L on the highest aspect. Nevertheless, we aren’t positive how lengthy its efficiency can be as a result of these chairs are relatively new entrants to the market.

We at present have two newcomers – Actual Loosen up and Ootori therapeutic massage chairs. Both have low worth tags, rich options and constructive feedback from consumers.

We hope that they will even work properly for longevity just like the kings of the therapeutic massage chair, comparable to Inada, Human Contact or Osaka.


We advocate Sinoluck Ootori 810L for these on the lookout for a cheap massage chair. It has plenty of features and is very customizable. In case you are a large family or you’ve got lots of visitors, it provides actual value to your house.

And when you endure from some type of physique ache, contemplate this mannequin. Traveling to chiropractors or professional therapeutic massage therapists prices more in the long run than investing in an excellent massage chair.

Now provided that you’re keen on the options of this chair, nevertheless it's a bit out of price range. Then it is best to take a look at the Engineer Asuka A-600. It's virtually double this mannequin except that it's designed on the S-track, so it's a bit cheaper.

And that's it. This can be a great chair, so take it to the record. The only chair that I can consider competes with the worth and features of the engine is the Real Chill out 3D SL, so test it out in case you can.

  Massage Chair, Zero Gravity Massage Chair, Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair SL Double ...
Massage Chair, Zero Gravity Massage Chair, Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair with Double … [19659005] 【Zero Gravity & Area Saving】 There are three ranges of zero gravity angle, click on the button to regulate the snug sleeping angle. Solely …
  • 【Full Body Air Massage Chair Chair massage is roofed with neck, shoulders, again, arm waist, pelvis, calves and leg airbags. And 3 …
  • 【SL Duplicates and 6 Auto Mode This chair is designed with SL duplicates of roughly 51.18 inches. Massage rolls …
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