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Stock Android or manufacturer skins? Do we still need both?

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Julian Chokkattu / Digital Developments

Everybody loves vanilla ice cream. Do we actually need chocolate or raspberries anymore?

In stock, Android is the vanilla of the world of smartphones that makes the manufacturer's skins that make the manufacturer's skins sit above it. Samsung's One UI or LG's UX, other flavors. Every gadget has some robust arguments for Android, but there are also some compelling reasons to maintain the manufacturer's skins. It's a posh question

What is Android Stock Info and how has it modified?

Earlier than we get right here, take a break to determine what we're talking about. Stock Android is an open supply version of the working system developed by Google, the only and barebones model of Android. There are not any pointless purposes or superior settings, and it appears plainly unusual; You could even say just a little boring. That's why even Google adds additional sprinkles to its Pixel phones