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What is a better option?

What is a better option?

by Garrick Dee
Updated March 2, 2019

V6 and V10 characterize two essential steps in Dyson's wi-fi vacuum improvement.

In this evaluation, we talk about in depth the variations between Dyson V6 vs V10

When James Dyson first released V6 over three years ago, they launched a mushy roll cleansing head that changed the best way we take into consideration vacuum cleansing bare floors.

James Dyson lately stated they might not produce wires because of the Dyson V10.

On this article we thus examine the start of the present degree of line V10 (Absolutely special) with the current degree of Dyson V6

Dyson V6 vs V10: Spec

Dyson V6

Dyson V10

time [19659011] up to 20 min

up to 60 min


three.5 hours

3.5 hours

Filth capacity

zero.four liters

zero.77 liters

] Weight

4.5 kilos

5.9 kilos


100 air [1965924] 151 air

Worth Verify Worth

Verify Worth

Verify Worth

Dyson V6 vs V10: Planning

At the core of Dyson V6 is a bar vacuum, corresponding to V10.

When you don't know what a vacuum cleaner is, it's a light-weight version of a vertical vacuum designed to supply extra versatility on the expense of energy.

Dyson's design has three most important elements – (1) a cleaning head, (2) an extension weight, and (three) a vacuum physique that accommodates an engine, dust cup, filters, and a power change

When it first came to visit ten years in the past, it was a revolutionary design who changed the sport in some ways.

The enlargement rail and foremost cleaning gadget make V6 and V10 useful in numerous flooring surfaces from carpet to tiles.

Remove the extension rod and turn into a mild handheld gadget

Dyson V6 has over ten choices. You’ll be able to examine in my information how every one is totally different in this in-depth guide.

For Dyson V10 you’ve gotten only three options:

  • Dyson V10 Absolute – comes with probably the most attachments package deal that includes the newest torque for cleaning head (works on carpet and bare flooring), delicate curler head (giant for giant cracking on bare flooring), slit device , mini mushy dust brush, mixture software and miniature software within the upholstery)
  • V10 Animal – principally the same as Absolute, however minus delicate roll cleansing head
  • V10 MotorHead – probably the most bare bones choice from the three, which includes an older model of the direct cleaning head from the V8. and Mixture Software

Notice that each one V6 fashions have the identical engine and battery, in order that they produce the same power and operating time.

The distinction is the connections and filtering that you simply get. Learn the link above for extra info on what is within every model

The identical applies to the V10. All Variants

To make this comparability extra concise, we examine both top-of-the-line options, V10 Absolute and V6 Absolute.

Cleansing Energy (How It Cleans)

Every Dyson wireless vacuum is a multicyclic system that filters dust nicely enough so that you don't have to scrub the filter steadily.

These cyclones rotate dust across the filters so that it is not clogged with the primary filter.

The suction is nonetheless good even when the filth goes past the max line, so it is a proof of efficiency

Flooring cleansing

Both the top class V10 and V6

Distinction is with the V10 important layer cleaning instruments (torque cleansing head and a gentle curler head) extra blending and makes it a better probability to wash the carpet.

One plus aspect, V6 has more energy at its lowest setting (28 vs 15.8 air)

How does this have an effect on the precise cleaning efficiency? Clarify.

I'll share some movies with feedback later. If you realize me, I'm a fan of huge mess exams.

The primary video is Dyson V6, which tries to wash this pile of pet hair on a mat.

When you ask me that it is a lot of pet hair. In the eye check V6 Absolute took virtually all pet hair applied to the ground. A lot of the pet's hair sat on the carpet

One other video exhibits how V6 works this time with hardwood fluffy attachment.

V6 has enough power at regular power to even select mud and rice that fell into cracks. This exhibits how efficient the mushy software is on the naked flooring, whether it is cleansing mud, rice or pet hair.

For Dyson V10, take a look at this video for the way it works with totally different surface materials (1). : 39), (2) tile (skip 10:57) and (three) carpet stairs utilizing mini-turbocharger (go 16:12).

The carpet really does not have a lot difference in how much it took in mode 1 and mode 2. However in most mode, V10 took pretty much every thing in one move even when wanting more intently.

Above Flooring Cleaning

You get just about the same set of choices for each brush tools. These tools assist you to clear virtually all areas of your own home or car.

Here is the Dyson V6 Absolute

  • device combining upholstery and brush tools
  • Crevice software [19659040] Tender mud brush – giant for delicate surfaces akin to lamp tones
  • Straight cleansing head for carpet
  • Delicate Head – Giant for Arduous Flooring

Dyson V10 Tools

  • Connecting Software
  • Connecting Software
  • Software
  • Mini Smooth Polling Brush
  • Torque Driver Cleansing Head
  • Tender Roller Head (or Fluffy Software)

Each have a wall-mounted charger should you don't need to drill a pair of screws on the wall. This provides you quick access to the vacuum if you want it.

I recommend the hose attachment should you intend to make use of each contained in the car.

Measurement and dimensions

Dyson V10 is a greater and heavier wireless vacuum, but not much. It is 49.2 ”lengthy and 9.8” extensive. The cleansing route is a little narrower, as there are small openings on each side.

V6 measures 47.2 "long and also 9.8" extensive.

Right here is a full measurement comparison chart


it's usability and dimension, both V6 and V10 are virtually equal.

Versatility: Because of the interchangeable instruments, these voids act as both hand-held and glued vacuum.

Ergonomics: Holding the Dyson wireless vacuum is just like holding the Nerf gun to tug the trigger to start out the machine. Regardless of complaints about criticism, Dyson is stuck with this model because they consider that it’ll help to stretch the driving time to the fullest.

  • Picture Source: YouTube

    Source of Picture: YouTube

    Picture Source: YouTube

    Dyson V6 has a lever that opens the shutter door, and the filth falls under.

    It works theoretically, however the reality is once you clear something with static mud or hair.

    Shoppers have complained about this, and Dyson has improved its design from V8.

    Dyson renewed the design of the V10 platform. Now the engine, dust container and filter are in a straight line.

    Emptying the V10 filth container is more direct with the engine, dustbag and filter. Simply align the mud bag with Liu & # 39;

    This pushes all dust down and cleans the metallic case. I feel it's easier to use this technique. You don't have to use your fingers to dig mud and hair

    Worth and worth for cash

    Dyson V6

    The good information on the V10 market is that the worth of V6 has dropped significantly. At one point, you need to pay over $ 500, however right now the costs have fallen by virtually half

    Don't make a mistake as a result of it is nonetheless a good product with very respectable efficiency particularly with a top-notch Absolute. [19659003] Anticipate Dyson to anticipate the identical development quality. I feel the most important disadvantage can be a shorter driving time, so it is better fitted to smaller houses. Another drawback can be a dust container that may be fairly messy to empty.

    Dyson V10

    One main disadvantage in V6 can be a time interval a lot smaller than V10 which cleans as much as 60 minutes. 19659003] This function mixed with a bigger trash could make this great even in medium-sized houses even on carpet and carpet. It is not boring or messy.

    V10 is by far probably the most powerful wi-fi vacuum, which suggests wonderful cleaning efficiency. Some blogs, like Trendy Fort, say that cleaning is "perfect."

    Judgment: Dyson V6 or V10? V6 provides good value for cash, however Dyson V10 is better

    There is little question that V10 is a better product. Should you don't spend much of your $$$ wireless vacuum, this is an apparent selection. Transmission means better cleansing efficiency, which cleans the carpet better and the updated dust cup is not only greater however easier to empty

    four good reasons to buy Dyson V6

    Though it will be an older version, Dyson V6 Absolute presents respectable cleaning on all surfaces, good quality and versatility on all surfaces able to cleansing any part of the home.

    1. Decrease Worth: Because V6 is the oldest within the Dyson V product group, it is one of many least expensive options obtainable. Ready for every wi-fi vacuum coming from Dyson, prices are falling.
    2. You live in a smaller house: V10 is maybe overclaimed for small homes. Save yourself a few hundred dollars for V6.
    3. Lighter: Dyson V6 is virtually a kilo lighter than V10.
    4. Nonetheless a respectable performer: with a V6 direct-acting cleansing head and a mushy head V6 is not

    5 Good purpose to buy Dyson V10

    1. Straightforward to empty: Redesigned mud cup for straightforward disposal. Liu & # 39; s the lever down and out of the trash, it also cleans the defend.
    2. Prolonged Run Time: Dyson says this wireless vacuum works for up to 60 minutes, however it doesn't use any motorized tools [19659040] Huge bin: Less journeys to the trash
    3. Wonderful cleansing functionality: As much as 151 air-watts with tap and improved two cleaning heads mixing, V10 utterly rocks on this respect.
    4. Seems cool: This vacuum feels more like a big Nerf gun than a vacuum cleaner